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  1. An update on our problem: We've installed the VW program on our Macs here and they don't see the dongle either -- unless the Windows license server has its firewall down. I see several postings about troubles with Tiger (MacOS) and the license server. Despite these, would you say we might have better luck running the license server on a Mac instead of a Windows machine? Thanks, -Doug
  2. Some clarification: if BOTH the network license server (WinXP SP2) and client machine (WinXP SP2) have their Windows Firewall turned off, Vectorworks runs. If either (or both) of them have the Firewall turned on, it fails. Here's the message that we see when this happens: -------------------------------- Network Dongle Protection Error: No active network dongle server (HASP License Manager)was found. VectorWorks will now quit. (OK) -------------------------------- Thanks for looking at this! -Doug
  3. We've installed the (red) network dongle on a computer that's seen by the entire network. The install process says it finished properly. We've installed the v12 VW software on WinXP client machines. Everything went well EXCEPT that the machines can't see the network dongle. On the dongle machine one piece of hardware that's slightly out of the ordinary is that we've installed a separate gigibit NIC to replace the integrated 100MBit NIC on the Dell GX240 motherboard. Our other licensing managers don't have a problem with this, but ....? The "HASP License Manager for Win32" says the license manager is active. The Aladdin Monitor (where keys are displayed) shows an IP of (is this correct?) and version number 8.300. This machine is also successfully running FlexLM licensing for Alias Maya and ArcGIS (in case there's any interaction issues known). We also tried turning off the WinXP firewall on both the license machine and a client with no change in behavior. Hope that's useful; please let us know if we can provide any other information to help solve our problem. Thanks! Doug Simpson University of Oregon Computing Center


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