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  1. Thanks Josh I was able to get it to work with your suggestion!
  2. I created a plugin object that creates a geometric shape and uses strings to display some text. Unfortunately, if I rotate the plugin object in vectorworks the text rotates as well. This creates major neck cramp issues. Is there a way for me to script the rotation of my text so when I rotate my plugin object my text adjusts itself to always displayed correctly? Thanks in advance, Derek
  3. Pat, I found an old thread you posted: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=112259 I created my plugin object and ran the script. It gave me the list and I used the information generated by your script to better understand what was going on. I was able to get information exchanged between the plugin object and the worksheet. thank you Derek
  4. Pat, Thanks. By creating a database do you mean a "record format"? When i click on the data tab of my plugin object it only lists a "record format" which is currently linked to my title block. Should I create another one for the plugin object? Derek
  5. Anyone have a simple example of a plugin object that adds or changes info on a worksheet? Im trying to do the following: Create a plugin object with some sort of label. Add that label to the worksheet. List the variables (width, height) of the plugin on the worksheet. If I change the width of the plugin object I would like it to change on the worksheet too. Is this possible? Any simple examples that might be a good place for me to start? Thanks Derek
  6. Miguel, I found it! I'm so use to working in the external editor because eveything is color coded and I found it to be easier. The criteria menu is definitely going to be useful in the future. Thanks Derek
  7. Thanks Pat it worked exactly as I needed it to. I'm switching from not using Quartz Imaging to using Quartz Imaging and it is messing with some of my fonts. This is going to make it a lot easier for me to fix some of my older drawings. I appreciate it. Derek
  8. Pat, I really appreciate your example. I'll give it a try and let you know how it turns out. Thank You Derek
  9. Why don't you use the "Criteria" menu in the script editor to build the string? This is the same dialog used for building the selection criteria. Most likely, most of us old scripters use an external editor so we forget about this feature found in the vs editor. I use TextWrangler. I'm using VW2008 is this feature in this version of the script editor?
  10. But how would I script that? ForEachObj(font, ?????)? i'm not sure how to correctly script the criteria....
  11. btw i'm trying to to select a specific font but I only want to select the font if it has bold checked. Is that possible?
  12. If I want to use SelectObj to select a font I can use the following: SelectObj(FOT='name of the font'); If I want to use SelectObj to select a line weight I can use the following: SelectObj(LW=4); I've gotten this information from posting in the forums. My question, is there an appendix or some place I can go online to understand the criteria? Why is it 'FOT' for font? why is it 'LW' for line weight? Thanks Derek
  13. ok i think i got it working now.... it was as simple as adding two more parentheses SelectObj((LW=n));
  14. I'm trying to write a script that will allow me select an object by line weight. Our office works in mils so the the numbers will be whole numbers. I've gotten the following to work BEGIN SelectObj(LW=4); END; but if I change the 4 to a variable such as 'n' be it a real, integer or longint the script stops working VAR n : (Real, integer, or longint); BEGIN n:=4; SelectObj(LW=n); END; Does anyone know why this is happening? Is it not possible to use a variable in this situation? Thanks in advance, Derek
  15. I usually ask the question and if I make some progress on my own I post my progress and solution anyway. I figure it may help someone else out some day! Happy it all worked out for you!
  16. ok, i created a simple example that seems to work. Unfortunately, I'm a little confused by the starting location for the x and y parameters. The x seems to be the bottom left corner while the y seems to be centered on the object causing me to subtract or add half the height. It is not a big problem, but does anyone have any idea why this is?: **If anyone can see any errors in my code or ways to improve my code your comments are always appreciated** PROCEDURE plugin; VAR x, y, w, h, LineLength, BoxWidth, Offset : REAL; result : BOOLEAN; objname : STRING; oh,rh,wh : HANDLE; BEGIN { retrieve custom object information } result:= GetCustomObjectInfo(objname,oh,rh,wh); { if object information was successfully retrieved } IF result THEN BEGIN { retrieve parameters } LineLength := PLINELENGTH; BoxWidth := PBOXWIDTH; Offset := POFFSET; w:=LineLength; h:=BoxWidth; PenSize(4); Rect(x,y-(h/2),x+w,y+(h/2)); PenSize(2); Rect(x+Offset,y-(h/2)+Offset,x+w-Offset,y+(h/2)-Offset); END; END; Run(plugin);
  17. Do I need to keep the parameters LineLength and BoxWidth? or can I change those to simply width and height?
  18. Ok so I can't change a point object to a rectangular object, but can I use the same vectorscript? What type of problems might i run into if I just copy and paste the script from the Point Object to the Rectangular Object? I'm going to attempt it now. Thanks
  19. Hello, I've created a Plugin Object that creates a rectangle with another rectangle offset on the inside. The Object Info Pallette has the following variables: Width Height Offset of Inner Rectangle At the moment I can only edit the dimensions of the rectangles by changing the dimensions of the variables via the Object Info Pallette. I would like to be able to select the Plugin Object, click the handle, and drag the handle to modify the rectangles dimensions. Basically, I just want the ability to manipulate the plugin object like a normal rectangle. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  20. i knew it was simple after further digging around i found the function GetFPathName. That seemed to work just fine. PROCEDURE Example; VAR n :STRING; BEGIN n:=GetFPathName; Message(n); END; RUN(Example);
  21. i used GetFName to get the current file name, but i'm still having trouble accessing the complete path of the file.
  22. I'm looking for a simple way to run a script that simply returns a message with the current file's name and path. I'm guessing its a simple script, there might even be a simple way to view it in vectorworks already? I'm looking into GetFileInfo and using Message to display my results, but I'm not having any luck. Any ideas? Thanks Derek
  23. or is the name the name given when i use: GetCustomObjectInfo(objectName :STRING;objectHand :HANDLE; recordHand :HANDLE;wallHand :HANDLE) :BOOLEAN;
  24. Is the name used in the script the same name i give the plugin in the VectorScript Plug-in Editor? If so, how do i differentiate between 2 different objects create with the same plugin tool. Example: I create one window in plan using the plugin. Its with will be 24". I then create a window in elevation that is linked to the window in plan. Its with is 24". I now want to create a new window in plan that will be 36". Will there be issues with the width if I create this new 36" window? Sorry if I'm confusing you folks. I am always trying to work these things out on my own and appreciate the help. Thanks Derek
  25. ok so here you are saying I need to have a record created. I store the width in one of the record fields. The objects reference the record to obtain the width. when I change the width of objectA it changes the width of the field in the record therefore changing the width of objectB? Next question, how do i create the record? and how do I get both objects to reference the same record?


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