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  1. hey thanks guys just thought their might have been a way much like holding "hold shift" while selecting. I guess thats not the case. Thanks again
  2. I'm sure a lot of people have this problem. you have two objects named object A and object B. Object A is directly behind object B. Normally when you try to select either, object B is selected since it is infront of object A. My question, is there a way to easily select object A which is behind object B without sending object B to the back? Thanks Max
  3. Thanks! I figure now its from all the undo/redo.
  4. Vectorworks 10.5 Why would "smart cursor cues" shut off randomly? They shut off randomly I then have to go into preferences to turn them back on. Am I unknowingly hitting a keyboard shortcut to turn them off?
  5. I think i figured it out. If the shift key is held down while selecting a new line thickness it changes and locks the line thickness a user draws with.
  6. I'm using Vectorworks 10.5 example. Most of my drawings are drawn using a 4 mil line thickness. Every so often i want to create an object drawn with a 2 mil line thickness. When i draw the object it draws in a 4 mil line thickness. I then have to go back and select the lines and change them to 2 mil. How do I change the line thickness before I draw the object so my object is drawn in a 2 mil line thickness so I don't have to go back and select all the lines and reset their thickness?


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