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  1. I tried as you said islandmon, and while opening VW was fine the thing went mad when i went to open up my big file. I have now delated all symbols from it and its still 67mb. Plus i have noticed after adjusting what classes are visable VW says it needs to re render the scene, even though the scene was rendered beforehand. When i skip this and the image sorts itself out (class wise) the scale jumps to 1:1, even though when I started out the drawing was done in 1:50. Any ideas? Thanks?

  2. Do flat plan symbols take up loads of processing power? I have a plan on A3 with aprox a third of the plan taken up with plant symbols.There are quite a few layers. VW is now very slow, esp when rendering

    The computer I use has

    1.25ghz power PCG4


    Is it just that I have a slow mac or have I done/ not done something to lower the file size.

    I think the file size is a 100mb. Not sure.


  3. Thanks so easy. is there a way of just having the plant outline. I down loaded a palm to play around with, but it has a black background. So when i create a perspective view the palm is there, great but has a black background.So i have a black rectangle with a palm on it.. Do I need to do some photoshop trickery to lose this background.

  4. Hello.

    I have been told about X-billboarding, alpha mapping etc to produce the effect of a garden that looks full of 3D plants and while i understand the basic processes of placing an image on to a flat surface that aligns itself with the camera for perspective views I have no idea how to go about creating these 'billboards' or how to get them into VW and use them. Could someone out there please help. Beginner and complete idiot this end so very simple instruction would be much appriciated.

  5. I have duplicated a plant symbol on screen so i have two the same. I now would like to change the colour of one of the symbols without the other changing. But what ever i do to one all the rest change. Is there a way of breaking this link.

    I even changed the colour, saved it as a new symbol and renamed it, but they still all seem linked.

    Any help much appriciated.

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