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  1. intel 82945G express chipset family version driver date 10/14/2005
  2. Tried system restore. did not solve any problems. then I tried turning off the hardware acceleration. that worked with limitations. With the hardware acceleration turned up to just the second level I can open vectorworks 2009. Any higher than that and it crashes the program on launch. So I can now open the program but with very compromised (slow)screen graphics. Again I just want to say that for three weeks in september this program worked great - with the hardware acceleration set at full. I am very frustrated. what triggered this change and how can I fix it? Dell Optiplex Gx620 XP Professional version 2002, service pack 3 Pentium 4 CPU 3.40 GHZ 3.39 GHZ, 1.99 GB of RAM Hard drive - 232GB Vectorworks 2009 sp4, Design, Educational license
  3. to check the drivers I went to the intel web site and used their intel driver update utility. there I found out I had a customized driver and needed to check with Dell to check for an update. so after much more searching online I could not find any drivers with a later date than the one I had. And VW2009 worked fine on these computers for 6 weeks with this video driver! until I downloaded the latest version of itunes and quicktime. and now, even though I uninstalled the new quicktime and reinstalled the old quicktime version that came on the VW2009 installation disk it still crashes during launch up.
  4. Yes, I tried removing workspaces. It still crashes during startup just as it is trying to initialize the Rendering System.
  5. Thank you for your suggestion. I have tried completely reinstalling the program (twice) and I still have the same problem.
  6. First week of September I install VW2009 on our theatre dept computer lab PC's. All works fine for 6 weeks. Than last week VW2009 starts crashing on startup. Only thing new is recent upgrade to Quicktime version 7.6. I uninstall new Quicktime, reinstall version that came with VW2009 installation disk. VW2009 still crashes. It happens while it is initializing the Rendering System and the error is "The instruction "random numers" reference memory at "more random numers". The memory could not be read." I still have the old VW2008 on the hard drive and that starts up with no problem. I have checked the video drivers and they are up to date. Here are the computer specs (there are 3 computers, all the same, same problem on each): Dell Optiplex Gx620 XP Professional version 2002, service pack 3 Pentium 4 CPU 3.40 GHZ 3.39 GHZ, 1.99 GB of RAM Hard drive - 232GB Vectorworks 2009 sp4, Design, Educational license Someone please help! Lara Dubin Theatre Dept. Lighting & Sound Supervisor Mt. Holyoke College
  7. Thank you! I knew there was a step I was missing!
  8. I have Vectorworks 2008. I forgot to use instrument insertion tool on a few units and needed to add label legends. I select the units and and then "assign legend to insts". Box comes up to select legend, I choose master, then okay, and nothing happens. This worked for me in VW12.5 . How do I get this to work in VW2008?
  9. Yesterday, in the middle of a Vectorworks training session, the program quits and claims it needs a serial #. when I retype in the serial # it claims it is invalid. I have been running Vectorworks 12 on this computer since September. Do I need to get a new serial# and why?
  10. Katie, My email to you came back returned. Instead I have sent you a private message thru this tech board.
  11. In Sept VW Spotlight 11.5 was installed on 3 MACS (OS X v.10.4.3)in our new dept computer lab. Works fine on two of the Macs. On third Mac will not open (no recognizable network dongle connected to network dongle manager...) Problem is there is no network dongle manager. Each computer is stand alone. This dongle and its serial number have a different label than the others. Did I get sent the wrong serial #/ dongle? (working serial#'s/dongles say Spotlight/Renderworks Lab NEW M/W. Non working serial #/Dongle says Ind Collection11/Renderworks LAB NEW M/W. Trying calling tech support. On hold for an hour and a half, gave up.
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