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  1. Hi Juan, Thanks for the help... For some "unknown" reason I am up and running again. A fresh install, cleaning out the registry, manually removing all Vectorworks folders in Windows Safe Mode, removing ESET and disabling Windows Defender and Firewall, then reinstalling Vectorworks still resulted in failed activation. I know that you said that the system error message wasn't to do with the graphics card, but following similar problems on other forums I swapped out the GTX760 and hey presto - Activation successful. So, I don't know whether it was the planets in alignment, the graphics card, the weather or some Windows or anti-virus update that sorted it out, but now it's working I am not going to mess with it... until next time it fails!?!
  2. Thanks for the reply. VW 2018 SP6 - Windows 10 - 64 bit. I have tried with firewall off, firewall exemptions, ESET Anti-virus/firewall off, Windows Defender off, changing serial number (regedit), Windows firewall exemptions, Safe Mode, bypassing the Routerboard, connecting directly to the modem/router, updating C++, etc... Frustrating!
  3. @JasonMichael Did you find a workaround? This evil little glitch has struck me and as my Service Select has expired, it seems I am persona non grata as far as support is concerned! I am unable to open any projects! Sound familiar?
  4. Hi Boh. Yes, I would agree with the Copy and Apply functionality. We have always had mixed results. On a simple job, yay, but we found the more complex, the bigger mess you can make with Copy and Apply. I mistakenly thought that I could save symbols as PIOs so that every similar WinDoor window in our library would come in with the same Style. This worked beautifully initially and every window that I brought into the drawing, or into a blank document came in with a Symbol name and a different Style name – even after saving the files. Then I made the fatal mistake of closing the files and after that all the PIOs reverted to having the same PIO and Style name… Bugger! I really object to having to go into Form to set the height! If I set the height on the worksheet and go to the Object Info Palette, all I have to do is replace the width (ie: 1000) with the width (ie: 1000) and the window regenerates correctly. I don’t need to change the height – that is taken from the worksheet. Why can’t that be done in one hit from the bloody worksheet? I did find the Show/Hide WinDoor menu item thanks, but “Regenerate Objects Only” didn’t seem to do anything and certainly didn’t fix my sashes! We have got a worksheet on our cover page, listing all the VAA Title Blocks. That is a great way of checking all the details from one place and copy with multiple pastes seems to work well.
  5. Late reply, sorry, but I couldn't have answered this until now... and possibly went down exactly the same track as you with our Window Schedule. My current issue is that changing the Unit Height on the Worksheet, doesn't affect the sash height in the same way as changing the height when using the WinDoor > Form dialogue box - as you can see from the image below (W02). The frame has changed, but the sash size and glazing stay resolutely steadfast. OzCad couldn't give an answer. They suggested Show/Hide WinDoor, but I couldn't work out how to do that! If you have any words of wisdom I would be very grateful. You see, I also have the Style listed, but as a function it can't be edited and doesn't have a drop down! The big advantage (as you probably thought) with this, is that using the worksheet you should be able to change any window or door from a design layer, a sheet layer or a viewport, but sadly it falls considerably short. The only useful thing is perhaps right clicking on the left column to take you to the WinDoor element, although going from the element back to the schedule would be quite useful!!! Under our Consumer Guarantees Act, do you ever wonder whether this would qualify as "Fit for purpose"???
  6. Thanks Jonathan. I have been doing that (both before and after options - must be a result of good training!), but in your example: If the WinDoor Style is set to "Style01" and then you create the PIO as "W01", everything is sweet and when you insert the PIO it has a symbol name of "W01" and any new instances have a style of "Style01". All good! Then [as I discovered after manipulating dozens of bloody symbols] after closing the file and re-opening (VW 2018) the PIO forgets that it used to have a style of "Style01" and now calls itself style "W01" for all new instances... As a workaround I wondered whether I could use a worksheet to set the style (or check that the correct style is set) after windows are in place. It will confirm the style, but I can't change it from the worksheet, so it needs a second workaround step, ie: select similar from the design layer, then replace the style. Again, unless I am missing something, the WinDoor styles seem like such a powerful tool, but compromised by workability!?!
  7. I hadn't actually though about selling my license... but, maybe... I have no idea what the process would be! It was purchased in New Zealand, so included WinDoor, but I am not sure how that would go for you in the UK!?!
  8. We have hundreds of WinDoor symbols [Don't even ask!!!] - well, I say "symbols", but they have been saved as PIOs. What I want to do is create a symbol with a WinDoor Style and save it to the Resource Manager... Fine. I can do that, but when I use it it comes in as a symbol and to make any changes (outside of the Style) we have to explode it. Once exploded, it does however still have the correct Style attached. If I change the symbols to PIOs, everything looks great - when I place it, it is nicely exploded and I can change the form, willy nilly. BUT HOLD ON... it has lost the Style that I assigned to it and it has become its own WinDoor Style! Is anyone using WinDoor Styles effectively? Surely placing a symbol doesn't involve having to explode it and if it is a PIO instead, I would have to replace the style of every WinDoor element that I place so that it is linked to a "Parent". Please identify my stupidity! What am I missing???
  9. Hold ya horses! I just went here: ...which states: "To make searching easier, asterisks will be treated as a wildcard, which means any character or number. It is also possible to use the keywords AND, OR, and NOT to improve the results. These are case-sensitive, although the rest of the search is not." So, I searched for... HOLD YA HORSES AGAIN! Previously before para.3 I searched for for and got nothing; searched for for* and got the expected results for a wildcard! THEN... I went back halfway through writing this, to confirm and got no results for either search - even after a complete reboot. for**ift - I know, that was pushing it and no, it didn't work! Nether did for* *ift fork NOT lift actually works but fork not lift doesn't - so upper-case = essential.
  10. Thanks halfcouple. That would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that we are all trying to use Vectorworks in our profession, while wondering whether it is time to jump to Archicad or Revit. I don't suppose there's any point in jumping up and down! If they can't fix niggly bugs from one release to the next, what chance a decent search function?
  11. Does anyone know whether we are restricted to precise matches in the Resource Manager, or can we use and, or, +, *, ?, etc?
  12. Thanks Nicolas - good idea, but no go! I hadn't done a manual refresh, so tried it! I realise that there are at least 3 possible locations for default attributes, but I'm not even getting the defaults from C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2018\etc. The defaults for wall styles used to appear in a drop down menu, but now I get a mini-Resource Manager. Where should I expect the defaults to appear? Are all other users getting their default attributes or have they resorted to just using the Resource Manager?
  13. ...but... The "Favorites" folder in the Workgroup location is working very well - only one library to update! Yay!
  14. Like you, I thought the idea of sharing resources with the Workgroup option was fantastic, but.... We can all access the libraries in the Workgroup folder, but I have things like "O:\GWA VW Workgroup\Libraries\Defaults\Attributes - Hatches" and "O:\GWA VW Workgroup\Libraries\Defaults\Walls_Slabs_Roofs", etc. However, I did expect that the default line types would appear in the Attributes palette and that the default wall styles would populate the wall style drop down list... If only! Yes, we have upgraded [Is that the correct word!?!] to SP4, but it has made no difference - the defaults don't appear as defaults. In Preferences I couldn't find an "Enable Vectorworks Defaults", but I have enabled Vectorworks Libraries.
  15. Perhaps a moment for meditative reflection inbetween crashes!?!


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