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  1. I am changing my printer from Adobe PDF to the HP DesignJet 430. When I do that is sets me to a custom size #2 with asian character after it. Then I go to properties to try to change the paper size to arch d and i get the message. All I can do at that point is cancel out of the page setup dialog box
  2. Recently, I changed my Regional and Language options to install files for East Asian Languages to solve the problem of boxes printing where I had tab'd text. Now, I am having problems printing to my HP DesignJet 430. I am using 12.5 Windows. When I go to page setup to change my paper size the following message appears "One or more custom sizes are invalid given the selected configuration for this printer." Then everything goes to Asian characters as far as selecting paper sizes.
  3. I am on a PC, and anytime i stretch (move, click and drag, etc) walls they 'unjoin' themselves. Then I have to re-join all walls previously joined.
  4. I just got a new dell computer in june 2005
  5. I am working in Version 11.5 and recently the auto join wall preference is checked but it does not work when i am drafting. In addition, the wall join tools is not working either. I have uninstalled the program and re-installed it and it has not made a difference. any suggestions
  6. i am working on windows xp


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