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  1. Thanks Katie. I've been using general notes not callouts. This seems like it should work better. I appreciate your help!
  2. when I place notes on my drawings using the "general notes" tool, a number one is always placed in front of my note. Anyone know how to get rid of that? Thanks!! VW12 G4
  3. I'm using a Canon MP500 to print on my VW12. Everything looks fine on the screen and in print preview. My border goes right to the edge of the page as does the tile block. When it prints, roughly .125 to .25 of an inch is cut off thereby not showing the border, dimensions that are right at the edge of the page and info in the title block. I've tried every set up option in page setup that I can imagine. Any ideas? Thanks!!!!!!
  4. I'll preface my question with saying I am as green as it gets. I have a small design/build remodeling company and used a simple 3d program in the past and it was a huge selling tool. We are on Mac and VW12 looked like a great program for us. I've never worked on cad and boy is it challenging. I've only been using it now for two months though and I do see a light at the end of a very long tunnel. My question is, last night I shut down and everything seemed fine. this morning I can't select anything. When I click on something, nothing happens. I can add to the drawing but I can't change anything that's already drawn. Help!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you Jan15 and Robert. I finally figured it out and it was a layering problem. Both of you set me on the right course. I've been reading through other subject postings today and I will second something I read earlier. Robert, it says a lot about this company that a VP takes the time to help us use this product more effectively. Notwithstanding the problems I have read about from some others, I have so far been very happy with the service I have recieved from sales, training and this forum. For a beginner like me, you guys have really made this investment very worthwhile. I have had one online training session with Ishmael who was very helpful and I plan on more as the need arises. There is no doubt in my mind that this technology will help my company be not only more successful but also more profitable! Thank you so much!
  6. Thanks for the help. "Class options" was set correctly. I set Layer options to the same Show/Snap/Modify Others and I can now select items but the small boxes on the corners of the object are white not blue like they used to be. Also when I try to view the drawing in anything but plan view I simply get a grid. For example trying to look from Right Isometric, I'm seeing the grid from that view point but the drawing remains in 2d plan view. Something tells me I inadvertantly messed up the layering and don't know what I did. I'm studying the manual but am not finding a solution.


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