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  1. That does help. Thank you. Always interested in how others use symbols and other aspects of Vectorworks.
  2. Thanks Andy, I just figured I could toggle it on and off just to dimension objects in a viewport without having to go back and forth to the doc prefs. Other than that I generally don't associate dimensions.
  3. Could you basically do that with Duplicate Along Path? Draw a line then control the spacing and # of duplicates of the object.
  4. MH, just out of curiosity, if you draw exclusively in 3D why would you need to create a 2D view for a symbol?
  5. This is a new Mac Book Pro as of June with a new install of VW2016. Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it.
  6. Thanks Zoomer. I'm using El Capitan. It works on my other Mac using Mavericks and Vectorworks 2015.
  7. Thanks Zoomer. So is there another setting I am missing? Vectorworks 2016 is up to date so I don't so where the issue is.
  8. I can't seem to get Vectorworks to render a 3d model in Open GL and Orthogonal view when I switch from Top Plan view to a 3D view (i.e.: Right Isometric). The model shows in wireframe. Am I missing something? (screenshot attached) Also, is there a shortcut (or is it possible to create one) for toggling associative dimensioning on/off. I found that using associative dimensioning in viewports work well in case you move the original drawing. The dimensions will move with the objects in the viewport as apposed to having to move or redo all of your dimensions. Probably nothing new, I just realized it myself.
  9. Maybe 2014 will run on El Capitan. I just got my computer back so I haven't had a chance to test it.
  10. Thank you Jim. I guess I should have looked through the KBase first. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.
  11. I recently updated my 2009 iMac with Snow Leopard to El Capitan and I want to clean out my older versions of Vectorworks (2011-2014) that will not run on El Capitan. Does anyone know the most efficient and safest way to remove these older applications? Thank you Steve
  12. You could extrude a center pole then draw one tread, extrude it and use the duplicate array command. Since they added the Z height for the duplicates, it's much easier.
  13. Direct video and image imbedding Attachments via drag/drop I would also like to see posters stop abbreviating terms that new users have no idea what it means. IE: for the longest time I had no idea what OIP meant or EAP and now tbh. Is it really too much work to type a few more letters? How is someone new to Vectorworks going to learn from a post with terms he or she can't understand?
  14. Thanks Jim. I thought it was more of an HP thing.
  15. Hi Jim, I got it sorted out. I generally use the plotter only for VW. Since I bought it, this is the first time I've tried to plot anything larger than a D size sheet. It was an issue with the width and height inputs, but what confuses me is I put in 102" in the width box and 23.5" in the height box and the page set to portrait and it worked so I tried my second plot with the same settings and nothing... After spending 3 hours with HP tech support, having me delete system files and downloading updated drivers that wouldn't install, I decided to try reversing the width, height and page orientation and it worked. You would think that would be the first thing he would have had me do. It was a matter of getting the settings to what HP defines as the width of the paper and the height. The "width" setting is the width of the roll you are using. The other thing I noticed is that if you have an incorrect width and height (ie:102" w and 23.5 H) the dropdown for "page size" grays out dimensions that aren't accepted by HP. That was a clue to me that something wasn't right. The other thing I noticed is that on my Snow Leopard machine I have a print preview button, but on my Mavericks machine, there is none. Am I missing something? Thanks Jim
  16. I just bought a T120 printer and I'm trying to plot a full scale template at 23-1/2"x102". I'm getting a message telling me "paper size mismatch". I can't figure out how to set up the page settings so I can print more than a 36" D size sheet. I used the custom sizes setup but I can't seem to get it to print. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you I'd send a screen shot but I don't know how to attach a file to my post.
  17. Did you check to see if the path to the backup folder is still directed to the folder you use to back up your files?
  18. My Windows machine keeps defaulting back to the architect workspace instead of my custom workspace upon startup. Palettes get rearranged.
  19. MHBrown, Good idea. I would second that. Maybe submit it to the wish list.
  20. The shortest walk line is dictated by code. Check your local building code for the minimum run at the walk line. There is nothing more frustrating as a stair builder than to get a set of plans for a staircase and have to redesign it because it's not to code specs.
  21. You're not alone. It has always been an issue with me. If I have two objects that clearly intersect, most of the time that object that I am trimming disappears. I end up zooming in to make it work which is too much zooming in and out for what should be a few simple clicks. It's been like that for me since about VW2009. Very frustrating.
  22. Open the file where the text styles are that you want to transfer. Open the file you want to transfer them to. In the resource browser, choose the file with the text styles, select the text styles you want, right click and choose import. Try making a file with the text styles you use then save it in the favorites folder. When you navigate to that favorites files, select the text styles you want then right click and choose import. You can also add more text styles to the file as you need them. Alternatively, if you have a template file, create the text styles within the template file so the text styles you want are already in your document then resave it as a template. You can always add more text styles there as well and resave as template.
  23. I think if you go to the Help menu > download content it will take you there I could be wrong but it's worth a try
  24. What if you use print option. Is there an option to save as PDF there?
  25. That's true Jim. You can't use what you don't have. I would be on board with it.
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