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  1. In VW 12, I see that I can Export to a VW9 file. Is there an easy way to Export a VW12 file to a VW8 file? thanks
  2. I have one license of VW12 Machine Design w/ Renderworks for Mac for sale. It comes with the following training CDs - Core Concepts, Essentials, Renderworks, Upgrade Companion and Foundation One for AutoCad users, as well as printed manuals. $2020 value, yours for $1600. For $400, you can upgrade to Designer. john2525@earthlink.net
  3. From the 12.5 Installer instructions: If you have customized VectorWorks since installing, you should make a backup prior to installing the 12.5 update. Exactly what file(s) should we backup?
  4. Am I missing something, or is one of the most basic pieces of information in a drawing program, the length of a line, missing from the Shape tab in the Object Info palette? This can't be true.
  5. I got something that works. Originally, I was using an arc and a locus to create a foorball shape. I guess this does not create a solid, so I created a closed shape by adding a line (the rotation point) and connecting the arc to it, then deleted the locus and swept about the line. I took that shape and did the Add Solids and it worked. This documentation leaves a lot to be desired!
  6. Thanks, Kaare. The locus is used to define the shape of the swept 3D object. How can I move it and not change the shape of the object? Why is the location of the locus even an issue? Where is this explained in the manual?
  7. I have an extruded rectangle and an object I created with the sweep tool and a locus. They intersect. When I try Add Solids, I get a message that says "You are trying to create a 3D solid from a sweep containing a Locus within the horizontal span of its defining polygon. Move the locus beyond the left or right edge of defining geometry to resolve this error." First, why is this an error? Second, I edit the sweep object and delete the locus and, well, you know what I am going to say next. Deleting the locus is not the answer. What do I do to add these two solids? Thanks.
  8. I have a drawing with a circle (and little else at this point). I use option/click & drag to select something that is in the corner of the imaginary square that encloses the circle. I start outside the circle and do not cross the circle during the selection, yet the circle gets selected, everytime. It is like if the imaginary square gets selected, so does the circle. What's up with that? As a way of helping describe this situation, is there a way to attach drawings to postings?
  9. Thanks for the response, Peter and Nicholas. The use of Option key is mentioned in the manual in the Selecting Objects section, but only as a way to copy an object (so why is it in that section?). It sounds like VW has a few nifty ways to work around this issue, but they all GREATLY decrease productivity (Locking an object or turning off its fill first, or using a script to select something). I guess I just won't use the fill.
  10. I am making the transition from AutoCad to VectorWorks and have two major issues with the basic function of selecting objects. 1. One thing that is glaringly missing from VectorWorks is the ability to select objects with a "crossing" mode. i.e., selecting objects by clicking and dragging the selection rectangle so that it crosses them as opposed to completely enclosing them. In AutoCad this is accomplished by clicking and moving the cursor to the left. 2. You can't start a selection inside a polygon or circle to select items within the polygon/circle because that selects the enclosing polygon/circle. This is maddening! How on earth do you select things?!?
  11. I have created a file of the VW keyboard shortcuts, arranged by shortcut, instead of function name, just because. I have it in both pdf and xls formats. Is there a way to post it to the forum for other folks to enjoy? john
  12. I received new disks from Nemetschek, deleted the VW folder created during the bad install and installed from the new disks. Now I have a good install and am putting on my hiking boots for the climb up the learning curve.
  13. thanks for the response, EJ. This is the contents of the NNAOutput.txt file: Install Failure: Exception Type: zipfile.BadZipfile Exception Value: Bad CRC-32 for file Libraries/Textures/Textures_Interior Finishes.mcd Exception Stack: File "InstallerScript.pyc", line 842, in ? File "InstallerScript.pyc", line 357, in ExtractFile File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.3/lib/python2.3/zipfile.py", line 368, in read ---------------------- so it looks like there was a problem unzipping the Textures_Interior Finishes.mcd file. It is interesting that the VectorWorks Master Log file does not have any mention of a problem with the install. It just ends with "The installation is complete."
  14. I have just become the proud owner of a brandnew copy of VectorWorks 12.0.0 (or should that be 12 uh-oh?). For my first VW12 experience, after what looked like a great install, I got the dreaded "Install Failure: BadZipFile". There is an entry in the Knowledgebase (http://kbase.nemetschek.net/index.php?ToDo=view&questId=76&catId=21), which describes my situation perfectly, and then provides no suggested action. Does anyone out there have a solution for this situation? thanks, john


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