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  1. Nevermind.... Got it.
  2. I've converted text to polygon in the past, but for the life of me, I can't remember how to do it... Anyone? Thanks, Rob
  3. Robertk644


    Send me an e-mail. I've got one.
  4. This may run a bit long, but if you're able to help, I'll buy the beer... I'm trying to import a series of DWG files. Broken down, they're essentially the foundation of a home, first floor, second floor and the roof. Is it possible to bring these files into Vectorworks and then render them as I would any other vectorworks file? I can't select walls, or objects as walls or objects. They're (or seem to be) made up of single objects. For instance, a wall is made of four lines and cannot be selected as a WHOLE wall, just the four lines can be individually selected. I can group them, but can't do anything else with them. Anyone run into similar issues? Thanks in advance. Robert


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