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  1. having read the help giudes in release 8.2 i am still having problems in learning how to create a model. are there any books for sale i can buy to help me with this topic?
  2. for example a cushion, the only way that i would know how to draw it would be to extrude a shape, but it obviously shouldnt be square. thanks for you help
  3. if i create an object in 3D, is there a way of rounding off all of the edges? os there come sort of tool that does this? Please Help Shaun Wasik
  4. Is it possible to select a 3D object and use that as a light source? (e.g. lightbulb in a room?) Thanks Shaun Wasik
  5. Is it possible to select a 3D object and use that as a light source? (e.g. lightbulb in a room?) Thanks Shaun Wasik
  6. So many questions without answers!!! I have printout the PDF help and still I cannot seem to work out how to use the DTM tools. Are there any videos, Cd's or tutorials available in the UK?? Please Help
  7. RLKHydro, We are water engineering consultants in the UK are are just beginning to look into drawing things like water chambers and tanks in 3D Would you be interested in sending us a sample of your work so that we can see the type of results that we are expected to produce? shaun_wasik@hotmail.com If not could you at least allow me to send you a piece of our work so that you could give us a mark out of ten or something, and any tips on improvements would be gratefully recieved. Bear in mind that Vectorworks has been self taught, and we dont have Renderworks. Regards Shaun
  8. thanks for you help my latest problem is that i can just about create a DTM now, but it is superseeded in the air. i have downloaded the pdf help and printed it out, and it shows on the cover a golf hole. i understand the basics about how to create it now, but the hole show a terrain like i have done, but it starts at ground level. the way that i tried to do it was to set my locus points where i wanted them, and duplicate them in exactly the same position and set them to 0 height. IT DOESNT WORK!! please help...........
  9. I am been using vecotrowks now for the past 9 months and everything I have kearnt has been from the help guides, and the old miniCAD videos. I am intersted to peoples views on the quality of work that I am producing so would anyone be intersted in recieving one of my files and giving me an honest opinion as to if it is any good? shaun_wasik@hotmail.com
  10. thanks for your reply, I dont suppose you could help me obtain a copy of this add-on in the UK? also how did you learn about how to use the DTM tools?? thanks for your help
  11. I have just discovered DTM and I think that it is probably the most difficult thing that I have used in vectorworks!!! My question is once you have created your terrain, how easy is it to begin drawing things onto it? the best example that i can think of is a bunker when trying to create a golf course? thanks for your help!
  12. I have decided to look at purchasing renderworks, because I have been told it is the only way to progress if you want to be literate in 3D animation and design. My question is where can I buy it from in the UK and how much it costs. I would also like to know what are the benefits of having it
  13. i have created a sweep to show a piece of metal stoping in this object. The problem that i am having is that the object and the metal are on an angle of 30? and it connect to another vertical object. My question is how do i alter my sweeped object so that its bottom has a 30? angle?
  14. after you have created your new hatch, the first thing that you need to do is to actually select the one you have created, i.e. select the object and go into the attributes pallette and select your new hatch. Hope this answers your question
  15. Does anyone know of any Vectorworks courses in the UK?
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