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  1. Well, this is as I expected. Unfortunately. But how can Nemets drag their heals on this one? Feeling 'please and thank you with all the cherries on top I can muster' going from a request to a complaint is something I never wanted to see happen but, in this case, it is. The past few years have seen some shifts for us that have left me far from comfortable. Going from numbered version updates that came out every eighteen months or so to each update being labelled by its release year was a big warning flag. That, followed in 2012 with the shift to VSS, mostly a fancy name for an annual users' fee, raised another one. One big outcome of all of this is that the term 'software update' has become very hazy. What are we, the loyal Vectorworks users, really to expect now of these annual infusions from our dear Nemetschek developers' past year's hard work? When I consider all of the massive improvements made to our programme over the past fifteen years plus, I know there simply aren't the size of improvement leaps that we used to get in one update to be made anymore, but, given this, is it not all the more reason why we should expect a 64 bit Mac OS version with Vectorworks 2014? That is not an unreasonable expectation and I, for one, will really have to bite down hard when it comes time to agree to pay my next annual license fee if this is not part of the update. Please, Nemetschek, make me a happy user! Say it loud and say it proud: We, the Nemetschek Vectorworks Mac OS version developers commit to making VW 2014 64 bit Mac OS capable!
  2. Does anyone know, can anyone please tell me, when Vectorworks will finally run in 64 bit in Mac OS? With each annual update these past years, increasing is my disappointment, and frustration, that Nemetschek hasn't deemed this a worthy upgrade for it's many, many Mac using Vectorworks users. With so available a speed improvement for Vectorworks, I just can't understand why it's not been done. I really will be reticent to pay my annual fee next year if the Mac OS X version of VW2014 doesn't, finally, run in 64 bit (like all of my other major, and most minor, software does). I'd be interested to hear from other Mac based Vectorworks users on this. And I'd be especially interested to hear from our VW 2014 developers. Am I expecting more of this change than I should? Somehow, to me, 32 bit streaming and 64 bit streaming sounds like, looks like, and as I understand it, twice as many lanes. Twice as many lanes/ double the bits and bytes per second, per hour, per day, has to be a good thing... yes? I, for one, am paining, among other things, to have dashed hidden line rendering to speed up!
  3. Good morning Alan, Thank you very much for all this help. I'm just downloading a demo of Cinema 4D as I type. Lots to explore. What about Artlantis? I'm a long time users and have spent a lot of money there. I love the software. How it works. It's ease of adjustability. It's rapid image updates. The rich qualities of the results. Do you also have, and use, Artlantis Studio? Do you know if Vectorworks, Artlantis and Cinema can work together? JimQ
  4. Good morning, I could send you a sample image if you'd like but, in words what I'm after is grasses surrounding buildings with viewpoint being from standing eye level and distance everything from zero to, at least, 100 meters. I typyically have DTM's that are 100 x 300 meters. thanks, jq ps- I posted a sample image here http://www.abvent.com/support/forum/liste.php?fid=atl_general_us
  5. Hello. I've run into this disappointment numerous times and am hopeful someone has a solution... I want to make realistic looking, long grass. Natural, wild fields. Unkept backyards. Lenghtly grass growth on sod rooves. I have Renderworks and Artlantis Studio. Most of my rendering I do in Artlantis. There is no 'long grass' object that can be applied to a DTM in there nor is there anything in Renderworks. DTM's, of course, while complex in three dimensions, have no surface depth. I've thoughts on how to make grasses in VW but they all involve way more time than logic allows. Easiet would be if this could be done in Artlantis as a plug-in object that blankets itself all over the DTM object and be modified for height and colour. Has anyone figured out how to do this? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Yours from Canada's Yukon, Jim Q, Treeline Woodworks Ltd.
  6. It would be great if the program let me make changes of all types related to rendering without it updating the onscreen image everytime I so much as click Object Info palette let alone apply new shaders or change lighting. Please put in an 'update render' command so that we can make changes without our computers constantly grinding out renders we don't care to see. Definitely, my least favorite part of Renderworks is waiting for renders to be executed. yes, I could work in wireframe but I am usually making changes when I'm in a render headspace. yours, JimQ, Treeline


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