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  1. Alrighty then. Thanks Christiaan.
  2. Does the door tool offer a single-leaf configuration for a 2-way swinging door of the sort you might have between the serving area and the kitchen of a restaurant? I'm not seeing it. I see the 2-leaf variant.
  3. Thanks guys (and Google). I just ran into the same thing.
  4. Sorry - I know this is probably pretty basic - but how do I get a door to insert into a wall (make an opening) instead of just sitting on top of it? This applies by extension to other objects such as windows, plumbing fixtures, etc., but the current problem is a door. They usually do it by default, but not this time, and I can't locate where to change the setting. Appreciate your help.
  5. Well, I made sure that my objects are all centered around the 0,0 point. No outlying objects that I can detect. I even deleted any classes that I didn't created, and any objects that may have been on them. There is nothing more than 20 meters away from point 0,0 that I have any way of detecting. I drew new walls and tried the same thing. New walls still the wrong color.
  6. Benson, thanks for the suggestions. I think you are on the right track. I noticed this issue of objects seeming to be tied to something very very far away. Also, trying to create objects - even a simple line - in a plan or elevation view, you never know what they are snapping to.
  7. I cut and pasted the objects into a new file. It is better ..... but still not nearly ready for prime time: - I picked 2 different pantone colors, pink and green, for 2 different walls. It shows them their respective colors in the OIP, but both pink in the rendering. - I assigned laminate colors to some casework. These were working in last night's OpenGL rendering actually - but tonight, no dice. Not in OpenGL, not in Renderworks. - I put a "decal" of a mural on a wall. It is only showing 3/4 of the image. Literally like you divided the wall into 4 squares and omitted the lower left one. The image itself is square, and I specified the wall size for the image size. Please don't tell me I'm going to have to spend my modest profit hiring someone to do the rendering for me.
  8. Ok I find myself over my head here once again. I placed the locus, and it showed as being located at x= 417,300, y=-657,780 (units are millimeters) - and yet, as I said, it shows within my drawing space as indicated by the grey border. Nevertheless, I tried moving the whole works to the vicinity of 0,0. I then went to View\Set 3D View. When I did this, the screen went blank. So, I zoomed way back out until I saw something. When I zoomed in on the 3D view I had just set up, it was back in the same area as before - not where I had moved the objects to. It had the same rendering problems. Nothing with renderworks. Render DON'T works. Background information: This is being drawn in a file into which I imported an AutoCAD file for a shopping center in China - so, heaven knows what the set-up issues are that are going on here.
  9. The objects are centered in the drawing space (as indicated by the sheet). The drawing goes just beyond the boundaries of the sheet, but really has very few objects. It does have some furniture, doors, and windows, from the resource library, some materials assigned, and 3 or 4 imported graphic files applied as finishes. I'll try the restart. VW 2011 has been crashing every 3 or 4 days on me. I have had more crashes in the 5 weeks since I upgraded and went to an Intel machine than I had during the previous 6 years. Also, the type of rendering I'm trying to do I have done successfully in a different file.
  10. Am working a 3D model of a project. I applied materials and set some lighting objects. Whether working in the design layer perspective view, or with a viewport, when I go to render, anything labeled "renderworks" is not working. At all. It doesn't do anything. Just leaves me with the wire frame. The non-renderworks rendering modes are more or less going, but not a single one of them with satisfactory results. Open GL is kinda ok, but gets all the materials wrong, and completely screws up colored surfaces, rendering them black, with some kind of electronic rainbow noise on them (off white is what I was hoping for). Setting aside for the moment the OpenGL issue - why am I getting zero renderworks? Too much data? Wrong working plane setting (last night's bugaboo)?
  11. 2011. I'm afraid you'll have to walk me through the creation of the 3d poly. Thank you.
  12. I am trying to bend a pipe in 3 dimensions. It bends as seen in the x,y, plane, then turns down in the x,z, plane. I tried "extrude along path", but was unable to make a 3d polyline to use as a path. I then tried to create 2 objects and join them - even with a simple miter, I was unable to do this. What is the most direct method for making this 3d pipe extrusion?
  13. Thanks much guys. That clears up a lot for me.
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