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  1. quote: Originally posted by roger: Unfortunately with MiniCAD 7 you cant just add the numbers into a existing program. If you are using the Mac version of the program, you will need to first close the program. Then you will need to go to the System preference folder and locate and remove the MiniCAD preference file. Next you will need to restart the program. You will get a prompt that will ask you to enter your information again just as if you just installed the program for the first time. When it ask you enter your serial number, just enter all the numbers. If you are using a PC version of the software, there really isn't a easy way to do this procedure. One way is to remove the registry to the program (not recommended for novice or intermediate users). The other way is by uninstalling the program, which removes the registry as well as the program itself. Then just reinstall the program and enter all the numbers. With Vectorworks this is no longer the case for adding additional numbers. You can add numbers to the program even after it has been installed. Could some one tell me, where I can do this changes in VW. in advance thank you
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