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  1. It happens to me all the time - I never rotate the view, but closing and opening the file seems to work sometimes, other times I just need to change to a different view, or layer and then back again. Some files have been converted from 2009 to 2001, others are started from scratch in 2001. No import of dwg into file. Happens on multiple computers with different types of hardware. I have just become use to it. Would be great if it could be fixed.
  2. Has there been any improvement on this. Covering up things in the viewport annotations is very annoying. And correcting the model so it is to the nearest 16 decimal places is crazy considering building tolerances are generally 20-50mm if lucky. Could be good so that if it was within a tolerance you set - even 1mm then it covers it up - just like it does with hidden renders. The wall to roof connection seems to be the worst, and the most difficult to rectify.
  3. The project I have has 2 buildings - each building is a separate file and is referenced with VP references into the main layout file that contains all the drawing sheets. When I create an export dwg from this file, the walls and the 3d objects do not export... I have tried -Export layers as separate files (this is our standard setting - Export design layer viewports as separate files (not what I want to do but I have tried this on and off) - Export "design layers only" and export as "drawing sheets" Is this a bug with SP3? As I did not have the problem before?
  4. Having a problem exporting a file. I am exporting the design layers and some layers export as a non-plan view. The saved vectorworks file is currently in Top/Plan view. When I open the file in autocad - it opens as a right oblique view - when I change the view to top in autocad door / window and other information is not visible. Any ideas on a fix? P
  5. Any idea how to get it a multi-line sheet title to work when you are using automatic drawing coordination.... lets say you want North Elevation on one line and South Elevation on the other?
  6. Anyone seen anything like this for vectorworks? http://simpleaddon.com/Eng/PM_Gutter.html
  7. Our workflow for alterations and addition is: - Create model / measured drawings of existing building - depending on size this may be a separate file or just a separate layer. Freeze this layer. - If a lot of demolition / alteration work create separate layers for new and existing/demolition. - If small amount of demolition then keep on one layer. This enables us to be able to use layer colours to quickly identify new and existing work in a variety of presentation modes. We find on large projects this is easier as it can be tiresome doing class overrides when say for example you want your existing work to be all grey, demolition to be red and new work to be black.
  8. yep there is... It was in 2009 - just had not noticed it - must be blind. I have recently added "align/distribute" to mine - seem more natural to do this than use a short cut key.
  9. hmmm... I swear I did not see that earlier...how long has it been there. Thanks
  10. Does anyone know of a shortcut so you when you are in a viewport annotation, you can switch to the design layers visible in viewport. This would be very useful as it is quite common when dimensioning, or adding notes in the annotation layer that you want to flick back to the design layer to quickly change something. thanks Pete
  11. yes - but that will mean for every layer you will need to have a DLVP - which does not seem to make sense... I have always had to do what RSA - which involves redrawing outlines of what is below. Although the new stair tool in 2011 seems to work on the basis of being able to see through to the floor below... Would be great if you could control the classes in of each layer in a viewport separately if desired. Would be great to get some feedback from VW on their intended approach to this.
  12. Call me silly - but what buttons do you need to press to enter an angle as degrees minutes and seconds eg 125?25'32" in the object info palette
  13. We are have been having some problems lately (mainly because everyone does it differently) with version control when exploring options mid way in a project... or a client requires a modification to a consent that means we have to go back and amend and reissue a previously archived file.... Below is a list of options, pros and cons. I would be greatful for any comments, or advice... Keep in mind one of the tricky things is that this process is often not linear... eg An approval is granted... construction drawings commence... modification to approval is sought.. but construction drawings may continue to develop on original approval. Issue To provide a frame work in which to structure vectorworks files and layers when exploring various options at the same time and preparing modifications to previous stages (eg Section 96 on a DA) Outcomes Ability to know what the current approved file is Ability to know what the current approved option is All information is current - without excessive reworking. Sensible drawing numbers. Option 1 - Multiple file option. 1. Create a Model file for each stage. For example * 00_000 Sketch Design.vwx * 00_000 DA Plans.vwx * 00_000 CC Plans.vwx * 00_000 Tender.vwx * 00_000 Ideas.vwx When complete each stage the file is archived. If amendment is required to the DA - then the DA file is copied from archive and a section 96 is created from that file. For projects where there is more than one file for a job create subfolders for each stage so accidental incorrect referencing does not occur and it is clear which files relate to which stage... Each drawing has the stage code as a prefix this way if you have an A100 REV A in the DA set and an A100 REV A in the CC set they won't get mixed up. eg DA A100 (a) and CC A100(a) PRO: you will know what the current file in each set is and what stage they relate to. CON: lots of drawings and need to copy information from say approved s.96 to const... could end up having to edit two files that have almost the same content..... Option 2 - The lineal approach / One file This is ideally what I would like to do but does not work because of the Con below... After sketch design you start one file... this develops from the stages DD...DA...CD.... s96... CO....The section 96 just based on the current set at a point in time?...After a lodgement is made the the set is archived... If need overlay to show the previous approved then just DLVP reference the archived approved DA set. The s.96 is just another linear revision.. If you want to explore an option then you do this in a separate file - you could reference DLVP from the current file... present on a sketch design title block.... PRO: Simple as only one series of drawing numbers.... easy to understand... only one set of current drawing files... only one set of current drawing sheet files CONS: What if s96 is off line to the current documentation path..... what if amending drawings contain different info - or different info is required in annotations.....what if after lodgement of the 96 further DD is done of construction set - but then amendments need to be done OR construction set does not reflect the proposed changes of the s96 set...... OPTION 3 - One file multiple layers This is commonly what is done now..... except files are given suffix which makes it hard to distingish... One file: when options are explored create that part on a new layer, then create a new drawing sheet that references the new layer / new annotations PRO: Only one set of drawing files - so all together. If change is only in one area then only one additional layer is created Each drawing has the stage code as a preffix eg DA_A100 this way if you have an A100 REV A in the DA set and an A100 REV A in the CC set they won't get mixed up. CONS: Each drawing has lots of layers and lots of drawing sheets - difficult to manage as not tree outline of layers - files become VERY large.... if exploring options difficult to determine what is the current option as hard to archive old options Current option includes: Multiple Sheet layers - with the sheet layer numbering having a prefix or suffix.... this allows for different information on the drawing sheet such as previous approval underlay, additional notes or annotations that more closely relate to the approved drawings... In all options Create the following subfolders....so that current, options / sketch design and archived (ss) drawings are clearly separated.... Options Current Archive
  14. The best use for layer colours is when you want to distinguish new work form existing work - you can easily make some a single coloured and have the rest as black, or have all layers showing in their class colour except for one that may be black.
  15. yes - found it. Not a setting I have on my computer - but others must have this box ticked. Thanks
  16. I have picked up some files that ahve been converted from 2009 - 2011, and I have found in the Design Layer a whole series of rectangles. All with no hatch and no line weight. My powers of deduction have come to the conclusion that they represent the viewports on other layers. I have been deleting them with no adverse impacts. Anyone know why they are created, or where they come from? pete
  17. We have had some random issues with projects where we have use the 'Rotate Plan' feature. Both project have been imported from VW 2009, and we had no issues in the 2009 files. 1. 12 Storey apartment building: Windows and doors would spontaneously jump out of walls and try to be in a non-rotated position (using the WINDOOR 2009 version for the windows and doors)..... we gave up with 2011 and went back to 2009 for this project. 2. Small house.... Slab and Roof elements appear transparent in Top/Plan view viewports... When you undo the 'Rotated Top/Plan view" and review to normal 'Top/Plan' view the slab and Roof elements adopt the classes attributes - which is what they are supposed to do. Are these known bugs, are they issues with converting projects from 2009-2011 or are there some 'buttons' that I am not pressing? Thanks
  18. Beautiful - that one is going straight to the pool room = well the worksheet library anyway.
  19. I am working on an apartment building. I have created spaces for each apartment and created a schedule, giving me apartment number, number of bedrooms, area and other information.... All working great!. To add to the usefullness does anyone know if it is possible or how to list the name of the design layer in which the space appears.... I thought Space.designlayer... but that did not work. Thanks Pete
  20. I have a number of files where we have referenced images - photos, aerial photos etc. There is about 20 images , each file ranges is size from 80K to 300K. It takes about 10min to 'update references on opening' Was not problem in 2009. (File was updated about 1 week ago) Anyone else had this problem. PS I know I can cache the images but I prefer not to as a rule as this just increases the main file size.
  21. Argh... Hoping someone can shed some light on this one... When viewing the same wall and different angles I see different things... I have two walls in the same plane on two different storeys, with a slab in between. When I view at an oblique angle the walls and slabs merge together and I see a nice smooth plane with no joins (see view 1) When I rotate the view more towards an elevation - the joins appear (see view 2) When viewed in elevation all you see are the joins.. Any ideas? Thanks Pete
  22. It is there in the reg key in 2009...but not 2011
  23. Quick Keys Ctl Tab works.... I had a similar problem with VW 12.5 years ago on my laptop... somehow that resolved itself and just started working one day.... until then I will use Ctl Tab I guess
  24. yes but you have to get into vectorworks to be able to access that menu... VW won't activate on the serial number entered when I installed...
  25. Just moved to VW2011 SP1... on a Windows 7 machine and for some reason I cannot switch from one file to another if the windows are maximised.... Any suggestions?


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