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  1. When I try to import a 3.9 MB SKP file into Vectorwork 12.01 on macs running either 10.3 or 10.4, Vectorworks freezes up and must be restarted. Suggestions?
  2. I have not been able to print to my Epson Color 3000 wide format printer since upgrading to VW12. Only a part of whatever size page is selected prints. I can still export drawings back to VW11.5 and print them fine. The Epson 3000 does not have Postscript built-in, so I use a Rip Server to print to it from several macs, running OS10.3 and 10.4. I've been using this arrangement rather than sharing the Epson printer, because I understood that print quality is much better using Postscript. Is that no longer the case? And if print quality is still better with Postscript, any suggestions on getting my original setup to work with VW12?
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