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  1. You should submit a bug with the crash logs and files attached or you can send them to me (tfapohunda@Nemetschek.net) Crash logs can be found here: Users/yourname/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/VectorWorks.crash.log Tolu
  2. Currently, worksheet images are not referenced correctly (the contents of the database are removed) - this is a known bug. A workaround is to create a worksheet in the target file, with the appropriate criteria (i.e only include objects in the referenced DLVP). Tolu
  3. You can create worksheets from data referenced using either DLVPs or by Layer Import. If you are using layer import, the Record Formats are imported (i.e. they show in the Resource Browser) so the criteria dialog will see those just like any other Record Format. However, if you are referencing data using DLVPs, you still need to place a DLVP on one of your design layers. The criteria dialog can only get to the Record Formats referenced via this method through a DLVP. Hope this helps. Tolu
  4. Temporarily disable your backup and see if that fixes the problem. Specifically, what build are you running? You can check this in the "About VectorWorks" Also, what OS are is VectorWorks running on? We need this to be able to reproduce the problems. Thanks, Tolu
  5. Are you saving the root directory of your hard drive? Are you using backups? What are your backup preference settings?
  6. 1. Are you running the latest updates? 2. Can you please give me the full path to where you are saving your files? 3. What are you backup settings? Thanks, Tolu
  7. Tolu


    Hi, Are you saving to the root directory of the external drive? Tolu
  8. My e-mail address is tfapohunda@nemetschek.net Yes, I mean the logs at /Users/username/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ you can just copy and paste the 5 logs by date if sending the entire log is impossible via e-mail. Thanks, Tolu
  9. What crashes are you experiencing? Are they reproducible crashes? Can you please send me your crash logs? Thanks, Tolu
  10. To update DLVPs, you have to update the reference to the source file via the 'Reference' tab of the organization dialog. If the layers in your source file have different scales and those layers are referenced into a target file, those layers will draw at the same scale as the layer on which the referenced DLVP is placed. You can send me your files off-list and I can see why things are shifting as you described. Tolu
  11. What referencing method are you using - DLVPs or Layer Import? If you are using DLVPs, you have 2 options: 1) Select the referenced DLVP, click on the ?Advance Properties...? button on the OIP and you'll be able to turn off wall components within the entire DLVP. 2) Select the reference DLVP, click on the ?Classes?? button on the OIP and turn off the appropriate classes. If you are using Layer Import, you will have to turn off the appropriate classes via the Organization dialog. > In the edit wall style box, these uncooperative components are listed as being on class "NNA#1_whatever_class" The edit wall style box should only list classes in your current file. Is the class "NNA#1_whatever_class" in your current file?
  12. DWorks, There are updates available; try updating to VW2008 SP2.
  13. This is a known issue with the eyedropper tool and DLVPs - We will fix this as soon as possible. The eyedropper tool, however, works correctly on SLVPs. DWorks, are you seeing something otherwise?
  14. Your title block should be a symbol in a resource file. Being a symbol, you can reference and place it where you want. With this method you don't have to reference in an entire layer. Also, if the title block needs to be consistent to an extent, you can use "record formats". There is a great example in the VW2008 user manual called "Creating a Custom Title Block".
  15. Updating drawing A will not automatically update the viewports in drawing 2. However, drawing 2, if open, should show the reference to drawing A in Red - indicating that the file is out of date. What you can do is: 1) Set the reference to drawing A in drawing 1 to "Automatically update out of date references during file open". This is available via the reference tab of the Navigation palette or the organization dialog. 2) If the drawing 1 is currently open, you can manually update the reference to drawing A via the Nav palette or Org. dialog. 3) From the reference settings dialog, you can specify how often VW should check for out of date files. When you are notified that there are out of date files, you will have the option to update the out of date references at that point. Let me know if that helps. Tolu
  16. Prior to VW2008 SP2, you could not have circular file references - you will get a message stating: 'The selected file cannot be referenced, because that would cause a cycle of design layer viewport style references'. In VW2008 SP2, you can now have circular file references. However, you cannot have circular data references; if this happens, you will get a message notifying you of circular data. Having said this, I am not sure that the setup you described above is circular. Furthermore, all this applies to DLVPs.
  17. What version of VectorWorks are you running? You can use Design Layer Viewports, if you are running VW2008.
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