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  1. You cannot select a network folder as you Google B&S folder. You have to select a folder that resides on your machine. Once you make changes, Google B&S will then B&S the file to Google's server. If you've shared the Google Drive folder with other users, their Google B&S client will then pull your changes from Google's server into their respective Google B&S folder.
  2. No, you do not. You simply need to share the folder containing the PF with other users. Each user (on their respective machine) will open the PF in their local Google B&S folder, and Vectorworks takes care of the rest. Thanks, Tolu
  3. Could you please elaborate? Are you using Google Drive File Stream? Project Sharing is not compatible with Google File Stream. Project Sharing is, however, compatible with Google Backup and Sync. You will need to install the Google Backup and Sync client on your machine. The client allows you to specify a folder on your local machine where your files are synced. You can learn more about Project Sharing and how to set it up here: Thanks, Tolu
  4. Yes, I agree based on your workflow. We will work on adding this wish. Thanks for your feedback.
  5. Ah, I see the confusion. Doing that accomplishes nothing. The "Check Out..." command will be ignored because the objects are inside a resource. The "Check Out" and "Release" menu commands should be disabled while editing the geometry of resources, such as Tiles and Symbol definitions. We will make this improvement. When I mentioned a "transparent process," I meant deciding who should modify the symbol definition and when.
  6. With Project Sharing, you do not (and cannot) check out resources. Multiple users are allowed to change the same resource. The second user to commit will have to resolve the conflicts by either accepting their changes or accepting the other user's changes. You cannot merge the changes. As such, a transparent process must be put in place to coordinate the editing of resources.
  7. "Save and Commit" uses a safe-save mechanism. Your Project File will not be completely lost. Turn on the option to "show hidden files", navigate to the location of the PF, and you should see .bak files on the server. The newest bak file can be safely renamed to .vwxp to recover your PF. BTW, I recommend that you update to the latest version of Vectorworks. Thanks, Tolu
  8. You cannot check out a layer/object that is out of date. This is working as expected.
  9. Is your backup file newer than your original WF? Because you crashed doesn't mean you need to use your backup. If the layer/object you checked out is out of date, yes, Vectorworks will prompt for a fresh first. This seems to be the case with your back WF. The excerpt you mentioned in the guide is from ”how to replace a current working file with a backup file.” The first step reads, ”Release all objects and layers in the current WF”. By the time you get to step 5, none of the layers/objects in your backup file will be checked out, so the documentation is correct. Thanks
  10. Absolutely! You can do that today though. You can set your Autosave setting to “Overwrite original file.” It is much like you hitting Ctrl+S (or Cmd+S) every x minutes. I would not recommend every 3 minutes since there will be resource contention. Furthermore, you will be unable to work every 3 minutes because changes are not allowed during file save. However, if this works for your team, you can do that.
  11. Your WF should never become corrupt because we use "Safe" saves. You will never lose your data. ...but in the event that it happens, yes, the best solution is to do what you said. Open a new WF and copy over your data into the new WF.
  12. Your WFs have a uuid, so I'm very opposed to anything that overwrites your WF. If you want to prevent down stream problems, I recommend you copy missing data from the back up file into your real WF. Do not save over or overwrite your WF. This might mean hitting (cmd+s) more often. I would like to understand why Vectorworks is crashing multiple times a day, however. This is the underlying problem we need to resolve. Do you have ”Error Reporting” turned on in VW Preferences dialog? If not, could you please turn it on, and then send my a direct message with the last 6 digits of your serial number? I can analyze your crash logs to understand why VW is crashing frequently. Thank you, Tolu
  13. If user1 has a rectangle on Layer1 checked out, it does not mean user1 has Layer1 checked out. As such, the Layers tab of the Project Sharing dialog will not show Layer1 has being checked out. Now, if you have the above scenario, you (as an admin) can still go the Layers tab of Project Sharing, select Layer1, and you will see that the “Release” button is enabled...again, Layer1 will not be shown as checked out (because it is in-fact not checked out), but the ”Release” button will be enabled. It is essential to understand the concept of soft lock versus exclusive (or hard) lock. In the above scenario, user1 has a soft lock on Layer1, but an exclusive lock on the rectangle. If user2 adds a circle on Layer1, then user2 will have an exclusive lock on the circle and a soft lock on Layer1 (in addition to user1’s soft lock on Layer1). Essentially, multiple users can have soft locks on the same container-like object (Layers, Groups, Viewports, etc.), and this happens when users have modified, inserted, or removed objects in the container. When a soft lock exists on a container, no other user can directly check out the container (i.e., an exclusive lock is prevented). I think this is what's happening in your case. If all users are using the same WF, then VW should tell you the user that has the object(s) checked out. That user should run the “Close and Release” menu command so that all blocked objects are released. If this is not happening, please send me a direct message with your files in the “bad” state.
  14. @ptoner One of your colleagues must be overwriting his/her WF causing objects to be locked out. Objects are checked out to a user in a specific WF. You can’t simply delete or overwrite the WF. Also, you should reuse your WF (i.e. reopen your local WF in the morning). Do not open the PF directly. Doing that will create a new WF. In the event that someone deletes/overwrite their WF without performing “Close and Release”, if you have admin rights, you can Admin Release the layer(s). Go to the Layers tab of the Project Sharing dialog, select the layers one at a time and check if the “Release” button is enabled. If it is, click “Release” to remove the exclusive lock. There is a wealth of resources on this forum on how to properly use Project Sharing: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/search/&q=“Project Sharing”&type=cms_records1&search_and_or=or Regards, Tolu
  15. We have this setup in-house here at Vectorworks - Mac clients to Windows Server. We do not have this issue. However, we are not using SMB1. Could you: 1. Set your "Error Reporting" level to "Send crash details and verbose usage patterns" (if not already done) 2. Repeat the steps that cause this error on Save 3. Then send me your user logs (via direct message). These logs are located here: /Users/<your name>/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2017/VW User Log.txt /Users/<your name>/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2017/VW User Log Sent.txt Thanks.
  16. How are you determining that the file is read-only? Are you looking at the permission from the server? Could you please attach a screenshot? When you "Save and Commit", VW uses "safe save" mechanism, which will create a new file on the server. It is imperative that all users have "Full Control" to the folder containing the PF. You need particularly need the new files to inherit permission from the folder. If you do not, following User1's commit, User2 might see the PF as a read-only file if permissions are not properly configured. I am not sure who suggested this, but it is a terrible idea. 1. SMB 1 and SMB 2 are very buggy on macOS. You should be using SMB 3 (or the latest version available on the Windows Server). 2. Disabling SMB2 and SMB3 has huge side effects on the server. You can read more about that here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2696547/how-to-detect-enable-and-disable-smbv1-smbv2-and-smbv3-in-windows-and Regards, Tolu
  17. Some of the plugins associated with VectorBits have been found to cause undo problems in Vectorworks 2018. Thanks, Tolu
  18. Tolu

    Big undo issue.

    The developer of the VB plugins (VectorBits) says he has updated the plugins. If you are using any of the VectorBits plugin, please make sure you've downloaded the latest version. The old versions are known to cause undo problems. Disclaimer: I have not verified that these plugins are fully functional with Vectorworks. Vectorworks is not affiliated with VectorBits. Best Regards, Tolu F Vectorworks Inc.
  19. Tolu

    Big undo issue.

    I worked with Thomas offline and we've identified the problem. The undo problem (in his case) is caused by the VBTool_QuickAlign plugin. This is a 3rd party plugin. This plugin has problems that can only be rectified by the maker of the plugin. Another known plugin that can cause this problem is the VBMove plugin. I recommend you uninstall these plugins until they have been updated to work correctly with Vectorworks. If you have experienced (or are still experiencing) this problem, please make sure you set your "Error reporting" preference in Vectorworks Preferences to "Send crash details and verbose usage pattern". In the event that this happens again, please send me or @JimW your user logs, so we can quickly identify the problem. Your user logs can be retrieved by following JimW's post here: Thanks, Tolu Vectorworks Inc.
  20. Is the PF in a Folder on Google Drive? Did you share the Folder? You cannot share the PF directly. Google Drive will make a duplicate if 2 or more users work on the file at the same time. The message is telling you that Vectorworks has detected that the PF was duplicated, renamed, or moved. Essentially, Vectorworks needs the Administrator to decide which of duplicated PFs is the correct version. If the administrator opens the PF (or opens his WF), he will see a similar message with a "Reset" button. Alternatively, you can save the PF as a new PF using the File -> "Save A Copy As" menu command. In the ensuing save dialog, make sure you change the "File Type" pulldown menu to Vectorworks Project File (.vwxp).
  21. Please refer to this post by @JimW https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/51327-project-sharing-bugs/&do=findComment&comment=265945
  22. I wouldn’t assume that the root cause of the problems you are seeing on your NAS device are the same as @ptoner’s problems.
  23. This is a symptom of improperly configured user permissions on the Mac Server. Have you tried enabling “Direct Safe Save”? This can help when your user permissions are improperly configured. This option is available under the Settings tab of the Project Sharing dialog. By the way, all users need full access to the shared folder. Did you configure the PF to only accept a specific protocol? If so, which protocol did you choose?
  24. You should not have multiple users deliberately edit the Symbol definitions as you've described. One of the users will always lose their changes. Yes, this is the Conflict Resolution dialog. User 1 (being the 2nd user to commit) will be forced to either accept his changes to the Symbol definition or discard it. The Rename option will always be grayed out since you are not allowed to rename the symbol definition. By the way, User 1 does not need to be offline to get the Conflict Resolution dialog.
  25. @AsemblanceI'm interested in learning more about your problem. Every Working File stores the path to its associated Project File - that's the only connection a WF has to its PF. A WF cannot "disassociate" from the PF. As long as you are connected to the server, the WF should be able to access the PF. However, the PF must be writeable before changes can be made in it.
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