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  1. I tried it. It worked. You are a gent. Thankyou. No kudos to Dell - this is a 2300 Pounds Sterling machine with a flaky CD drive. stevenson
  2. I have tried unsuccessfully to install VW12 (education edition - B series) on to a Dell Precision M70 mobile workstation (2.26GHz, 2 Gb RAM) running XP 2002 SP2 with all unnecessary startups disabled and no other apps running. It has worked on another machine running XP SP2, and a Mac running Tiger, so the CDs are OK. Following the initial dialogue boxes, including the serial number screen, the first cd proceeds and the installer asks for CD2. On insertion, the cd opens, but no new progress box appears - I have now waited several hours. Every time I eject the CD, the installer (presumably) asks for it to be re-inserted. There is no drive activity. This is a fast machine, with lots of memory and disk space, no fragmentation, and few background processes. It is usable, and all resources are available. Is this a known problem, and is there a fix? stevenson
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