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  1. Hi JIm I was wondering if you had any comments about improving Open GL performance for a MacBook Pro 17 Early 2011 i7-2820 QM CPU 2.3 GHz and dedicated AM HD 6750 1 GB GDDR using a Sonnet Puck with a RX 570 eGPU given that I only have Thunderbolt 1 and no external Monitor. I’m aware of about 50% drop in performance after reading about the topic on egpu.io, but not sure if I can improve the average 35 FPS Open GL Cinebench R15 to 50+ Thank you. Regards Sebastiano
  2. I have managed to fix this by uploading a file posted by AndrewG in another question regarding uploading errors. It was a script problem with uploader.py
  3. Please advise on what might be the Issue. No matter what I try to Export as web view, I get script errors like this one. Thank you.


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