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  1. Hi- I disabled all of my startup items via msconfig and was able to install V12 no problems. There must have been something in there hogging resources. Matt
  2. Hi- I just upgraded to V12 Spotlight and it will not install. This is what happens. 1. Begin installation with Disc 1. After about 2 minutes of activity, it asks for Disc 2 2. Insert Disc 2. After a bit it asks for Disc 1 (skipping Disc 3 for some reason?). 3. Insert Disc 1 again as directed and nothing happens for about 3 minutes, then a message pops up again asking for Disc 1. 4. Have tried inserting Disc 3 after disc 2 install (guessing the message box could be wrong), but no difference. I have to force quit the computer to shut it down. I'm running the latest release of Windows XP on a laptop with 1GB of ram. Thanks, Matt Ford


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