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  1. isn't it interesting how many "work arounds" are required with this software to get to the results one would wish, even with what are common everyday architectural needs
  2. NNA quality control does not include checking to see if windows work properly in walls?
  3. Nice, I guess NNA can not be bothered by checking to see if something this elementary works before shipping.
  4. see if this helps. http://www.artlantis.com/index.php?page=support/forum/read&mes=6219&fid=atl_general_us I do not remember any automatic update which immediately reflects vw changes; you can have success on occasion with "file\merge geometry.." and file\use reference..." or else export anew from vw
  5. We gave up beating our head against the wall with RW back at version 12....went with artlantis and piranesi, depending on what look we were after. much faster with better results, which is important for those of us that have deadlines to meet and more than one project on the books.
  6. Has it been? I, for one, am skeptical of NNA published marketing propaganda. That question was asked in another post and I saw no clear reply that the 2008 screw-up was indeed corrected in 2009. I can not verify; I doubt we will update even one of our seats at this point...if we do, it certainly will be only one seat, just for the important wood screw capabilities ;-); twice bitten, thrice shy?
  7. no thoughts but we do now have wood screws to attach things with
  8. hah, i'm certainly holding my breath...and based on the "success" of 2008 with the old kernel, I can hardly imagine the improved "features" inherent in this new release...but maybe it is worth the cost to get WOOD SCREWS
  9. I know those new wood screws included in VWA are going to improve our speed on final documents by at least a factor of 10!
  10. LMS

    VW 2009

    nothing says faster equates to increased productivity... so maybe they have simply screwed up the few working portions of the program thereby requiring one to work 10-12 times faster to make a deadline
  11. we got that type of thing on vw12 prompting our move to artlantis, even with its quirks, at least you can get a render
  12. I have an idea, maybe NNA should have a focus group of architectural users and it can be pointed out that anyone using vw architect needs their walls to show up consistently.
  13. hah, maybe you could diagram this train wreck
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