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  1. Road & Driveway Styles: It would be nice if creating a road was as simple as creating walls. Using similar join tools, etc.
  2. Beside Vector Depot are there other symbol websites out there? I haven't been able to turn up anything on google. I'm looking for mostly utility vehicles like tow trucks, etc. thanks
  3. Did anyone get the links to the PDF file included in the companion cd to work on a mac? I'd love to review those animations!
  4. Does anyone have a process for doing this with Vectorworks? I'd be interested in hearing the different methods. PDF would be great if I could redline/comment using an Adobe Acrobat version for the Palm OS. Are there any decent CAD programs that are out there for the new Palm OS? Thanks.
  5. I've been giving my spacebar a work over doing just that. Just wondered if there was something I hadn't discovered yet. I do wish they would add that to their text tool features though.
  6. how do i use the font formatting to make text space out horizontally? like so: spacing >> s p a c i n g
  7. Hello all, new to the forum and Vectorworks. I'm currently into space planning at the moment... Is it possible to take the typical Room Finish schedule and tags that are generated when creating a Space with the Space tool, and create a Schedule that shows the spaces with their square footage and will tabulate all spaces and then each space that has the same Department name???


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