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  1. I modeled and textured a blimp in VectorWorks. When I render the blimp alone, everything shows up fine. When I try to render it together with a ground plane (an extruded rectangle), however, the body of the blimp (a revolution solid and four meshed extrudes) just refuses to show up. It appears just fine in OpenGL, Hidden line and every other rendering mode except RenderWorks. [ 12-19-2005, 04:12 PM: Message edited by: Pedro P. Palazzo ]
  2. Create a new column in your window schedule and, on the database header row, write =(Window.Elevation). If you are summarizing your schedule, you need to drag a summarize icon on this column as well. [ 11-15-2005, 07:40 PM: Message edited by: Pedro P. Palazzo ]
  3. This is better achieved through viewports: on the viewport properties, set to scale all line weights by, say, 50%.
  4. Yes, this seemed to be a problem between the decimal separator and the auto-increment. So I just turned the latter off...
  5. I'm having trouble with the ID tags. I wanted to have all my 3' doors labeled P1, all my 2'8" doors labeled P2, and so on. I do not need a unique number for each door, nor do I need to have all doors show up on the schedule--one row for each type is enough. Now, I run into two problems. First, when I create the schedule, I cannot figure out how to keep all the doors from showing up, short of deleting manually the duplicates. Second, when I apply the ID labels with "p" as the prefix and an arbitrary number as "label", I end up with extra garbage such as P1,01 that I did not specify. Not only that, the next door I id gets labeled P1,0101, the third door P1,010101 and so on. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  6. Extrude along path works. I don't know why I never noticed that there was such a command... I guess I'm too palette-centered. Thanks all!
  7. Actually, the closed checkbox is greyed out; not sure why... I converted both the nurbs from 3D polygons.
  8. I got that. The lofted solid appears just as I want it on the preview, but when I click ok it says it cannot loft.
  9. I am trying to add a molding that runs around the whole perimeter of a more or less U-shaped building. I have the "rail" (building perimeter) and the profile of the molding as nurbs curves. Now, if I try to lof the profile along the perimeter, it asks me for an end profile distinct from the starting one (so I can't do a 360? loft and finish where I started, right?). Now, I tried to work around this by copying the profile and putting it at the opposite side of the building. Depending on where I put the start and enf profiles, however, I get all sorts of weird results, ranging from "unable to loft" to a mess of random lines, even when the start and end are right next to each other! Any hints?


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