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  1. Which service pack are you using?
  2. Tell them to download VW 2008 viewer, just available. That will allow them to see how you intended the drawing to be before Autocad got its hands on it!!
  3. M.CH

    Rotate 3d

    Why not use the rotate plan tool ? You can do multiple rotations, and still just click back to zero. Are you using landmark, as there is terrain modelling there?
  4. The latest version of QuickTime is 7.5, having no problems running it with VW.
  5. Try trashing the preferences, 12.5.3 was the update for leopard Also update 10.5.1 would be another route to try.
  6. If you look in the help menu under roof, that will show you what you need. Once you have created a roof object, double clicking on the face you want to edit will then allow you to convert that face into a gable
  7. Have you updated your OS? Are you running SP3?
  8. Can you put the VW file up? It looks like an extra element in your windows symbol
  9. I have been having the same problem, I ended up exporting the contours to a new file and it worked in the new file!
  10. Your row 14 height is 28000points. Change it back to 15, in the recalculate menu and everything is OK :-)
  11. With the working plane set, lets say to 30 degrees, the new work will align to this plane. Also have you tried the text along a path command, in the text menu?
  12. M.CH


    In the VW preferences, Display>Centre on Objects after View Change, will centre on the selected objects, or if none is selected will centre on the drawing objects. Without this selected whatever page position you are in in 3d view, you will have the same area when you go to the plan view. HTH
  13. It looks like that happens in fast radiosity, if you go to custom or final it renders correctly. Interestingly when there is no floor extending beyond the walls this does not happen!!
  14. Just use the Ctrl key to copy
  15. If you are running a business, you do not really want "Education" watermark on your drawings. Upgrade to the commercial version and it will disappear on all new drawings.
  16. Have you tried trashing the gradients file in both the main and user library and then locking the folders?
  17. In 2008 you have got layer and class visibility, which will allow you to put your existing plants in a class at say 50% vis which will make your new plants stand out
  18. 11.5.1 will be very buggy on Mac 10.5. 12.5.3 was updated for leopard or VW2008, time to upgrade
  19. Make sure you have your serial number, then trash the preferences file That should cure the issue
  20. Have you tried bringing it in as a shapefile?
  21. Alternatively use the floor tool, then you have a hybrid object that can also be positioned in 3D space from the OIP, without having to make a symbol
  22. What you need is Artlantis!!
  23. All you need is a copy of spotlight. Fundamentals will not allow you to use Spotlight created objects
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