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  1. If you create a symbol of any repeated item, you should find a dramatic reduction in file size
  2. I've found that when I plug in a projector/beamer that will reset my workspace, so I create individual projector workspaces and can easily resort to my normal workspace. I am using a 1920x1200 MacBook Pro. Sounds like you need the 2 Monitor Workspace and all should be OK. I assume you have switched mirroring off for the monitor? HTH
  3. Looks like you need more RAM, what are your system specs?
  4. M.CH

    Oval Window

    About 15 seconds to make an oval window symbol
  5. Did your office undertake an analysis of the options, prior to implementation and a trial run of those options, sounds like they didnt?
  6. Was the referenced file created in 2008 or a previous version? With the older versions any files that were moved would cause the problems you are describing. Now you have the option of Absolute Path or Relative Path when creating a reference. Also it is important that all the files are from the same version of VW HTH
  7. Thats why I always suggest to people that OD is checked :-))
  8. You will need VW 2008 SP3 for support for space navigator, according to their site: http://www.3dconnexion.com/solutions/cad/all_sup_app.php
  9. You are making a case for using offset duplicate, so when you use the duplicate command you know that you have made a duplicate. Also Command D is very useful for doing repeat duplications. In the workspace editor you could assign the control key to do something else.
  10. Just use the fillet edge tool in the 3D Modelling Palette. Select the edges you need and fillet HTH
  11. In 2008 you can extrude text along a path, time to upgrade!!
  12. Why is this a problem??
  13. Use of symbols is what you need, keeps files smaller and speeds up rendering. Especially true if you create your own symbols, using minimal polygons!!
  14. Create a grey class and attribute your pdf to this and adjust the opacity to how you want it. This can then be done independently in the design layers and the sheet layers
  15. Just use the list view with date created or date modified as your primary organiser, so you have file by date order regardless of name
  16. VectorWorks is an object based programme, so use polygons and rectangles rather than lines as a starting point. When you extrude these items you get 3D objects
  17. Should render instantaneously in open GL, also if you edit or make a spiral object. The reason sweeps are good is that they only have the 2 essential components object and locus. Not sure why it takes any time to render, I've got the same graphics card
  18. What about using the sweep tool, using pitch and to make 1/2 donut just draw a circle and place a locus and choose 180degrees
  19. Are you sure you dont have Leopard, OS X 10.5? How new are your iMacs? If that is so then VW11.5.1 will not be happy.
  20. Patterns are non scalar, so if you look at your pdf you might find a large degree of detail. If you use hatches they will scale. Have you also checked what your pdf export res is? File>Doc Settings> Doc Prefs> Res
  21. I did a project some time ago where we used VW and to Export to CNC they needed Acad 11 If you map classes to different line weights, then on export, export line weights to colours that should get what you want. Do you see the check box in the export dialogue box? Re Exporting generally VW 2008 will export to Acad 2007/2008. It also seems to get better with each release. When you are going as far back as 12 then it should not matter too much.
  22. I always Sorenson Video 3 codec as it combines compression, quality and speed. It should be available on the choice of compressors before you render. Also 4 Gigs of ram should improve the situation. HTH
  23. Dont you have to do this in 2 steps, 12.0.0 to 12.5.1 and then 12.5.1 to 12.5.3?
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