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  1. I would contact your supplier or Nemetschek direct to resolve this issue.
  2. Can you post your signature? What is the deal? Its going to be launched on Monday.
  3. It depends on how your files were originally referenced,are you using "Absolute Path" or "Path relevant to current document" The ones that are orphaned may be on PRCD. If you check the files you might find this is the problem. Also are any of the references from previous VW versions, that is a no win situation, every file needs to be in the current version. Because you are using 12.5 you will not have DesignLayerViewports, so it might be well worth thinking of the upgrade first, and then you can batch all your files. Bearing in mind 2009 is imminent, this is also an option HTH
  4. Make sure all your layers are at the right starting point and height in the Layer Organisation palette. For example 0, 10' layer one, 10', 10' layer 2 and 20', 10' layer 3. Then create 1 design layer viewport, then in the OIP select the layers button and then check the layers you want, everything should be perfectly spaced. HTH
  5. M.CH

    VW 2009

    Spotlight 2009 previewed at Plasa Earls Court, prior to its imminent launch!!
  6. For tutorials what you want is someone nearby to give you a days run through. For a manual, other than the electronic version, to be recommended is Artlantis R & Studio, The Missing Book isbn 88-8233-537-2 or EAN 978-88-8233-537-3 Authors Roberta Cecci, Roberto Corona Make sure you have classes selected as the export option with special attention paid to the check box "use at creation" in graphic attributes, and use a design layer viewport as the export item so all the items are in the right vertical position There is also an Artlantis Forum on their website HTH
  7. You need to create a symbol of the truss, which means you then have an object you can use as a standard object. Bob's solution is also good if you are only using it once, but it is still available for copying and pasting
  8. Speak to your reseller, as if you buy it now you may qualify for a free upgrade.
  9. What series VW are you using?
  10. Create it as a symbol, select that symbol, select convert to instrument, then select check box Set 3D orientation and then select 90 x and 90 y and there you have it HTH
  11. Peter, you forgot the waterproof tanking!!
  12. M.CH

    VectorWorks 2009

    Whats wrong with buying Renderworks? Its not very expensive......
  13. M.CH

    VW 2009

    That must be pc grammar!!
  14. Wait a few days and it will be 2009!! Back to your original questions. Making the transition from 2D to 3D is surprisingly easy, with all the benefits for you as a designer, your clients visuals and the team making the furniture. I have always produced 3D visuals, since starting with MiniCad, adding them to the standard shop and working drawings. On the design front 3D resoulution comes very quickly. Also with a 3D model you then have all the elevations, plans and sections you need as all the VPs are dynamic. You can create templates for different styles of projects, including VPs, Worksheets, etc and We're thinking Architect mostly for the productivity tools. Chief among these is batch printing and pdf output. Til now it's been print to pdf one (design) layer at a time, and a third party app to combine into one doc. You can even build the batch printing into the template. HTH
  15. Go to View>Rendering>Open GL Options> Detail> High HTH
  16. What I would do is time how long you are taking to achieve this task, including forum time. When you have completed the task tell your boss, that you can achieve the same result in 5 minutes with Matt's plug in. Job done.
  17. Just received an NNA mail, stating VW2009 due out in 19 days time
  18. You have answered your own question!!
  19. Does your graphic card use system RAM? If it does you need more RAM for sure. There should be no real reasons why SP3 uses more system resources than SP2. Otherwise try downloading SP3 again and reinstalling.
  20. What can you do with a pc you cant do with a mac?? Why cant you change a mac?
  21. First thing to do is run a software update, to 12.5.3
  22. 1 gig of ram is light, XP will be using some of that I believe NNA recommends 2-4g minimum
  23. M.CH


    Do you want to post your signature, Version, OS, Computer Specs etc?
  24. Do you have the SketchUp import plug in? If you do you can look at the following: If you look at geometry mapping you have various choices, along with what the default styles are. Its a case of working out what is best for your sketchup drawing style. Also you will need to change the scale as it comes in at 1:1 It also comes in as a symbol If you dont have any success with this you can use 3ds export from SU and import the SU 3ds file This file has more graphical quality but it is about 10x the file size HTH
  25. Here are your choices, there is due to be a new range of MacBook Pros in September, so you can buy the latest fastest laptop that works out of the box, or you can get a good discount, (from Apple) for the previous generation machine on the Apple website. In addition along with your student discount you can also get a free iPod touch, if you qualify should be happening in the UK very soon as already available in US. What has not been discussed is the weight comparison of similar laptops. Lightweight PC laptops carry a price premium over macs, usually with a lower spec. If you can afford the difference between a MacBook and a MacBook Pro then go for the 15"MBP, the benefit being a larger screen. Otherwise the mid range MacBook offers the best value
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