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  1. Have you in your preferences selected Auto Join Walls. Its found in Tools>Options>VW Preferences>Edit> Select Auto Join Walls HTH
  2. Have you selected "Disable Interactive Scaling Mode" in the top left of the mode bar?
  3. Are you using patterns rather than hatches? Patterns can be random in terms of reproduction at the printer end. What resolution have you set your printer in the dialogue File>Document Settings>Document Preferences>Resolution. You might find this varies between the pdf setting and the printer setting
  4. M.CH


    If you use the polyline tool and use the line tool to close the shapes, you can use compose to create an item you can use with hardscape etc. Alternatively you can start with the polygon tool to create the object and use 2d reshape to get your finished object
  5. Here are some jpgs showing the issues with 12.5.3.& 2008 First the tearoff issue Second the polygon reshape issue Cant seem to attach the jpg files!!
  6. Its still got the tearoff glitch and the polygonal dimensional reshape glitch so far Have not seen what it improves!
  7. M.CH


    Just use the Previous View/Next View buttons situated at the top left of the Mode Bar
  8. Have you updated the viewport? The other thing is that if you created the floor with another class active the floor will have the other class attributes. HTH
  9. I am running a GeForce 8600M GT on my laptop at 1920 x 1200. No problems whatsoever.
  10. Lucid Phil Have you tried binning your preferences file, and restarting that can sometimes do the trick. Also are you running 11.5.1? Mike H
  11. Where do I find the musical instruments for orchestras in symbols in VW12?
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