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  1. Hi there, I'm looking at getting a new A3 printer but it's impossible to find a way of getting my PC to send A3 sized drawings. Does anyone know how you can send A3 drawings via a PC or of a good not to expensive A3 printer / fax Cheers Simon
  2. Yeah I know its a bit weird, but ive got a client who doesant have a PC so wants all the drawings asending to them via A3 fax (pain int the backside. I know I can fax via the PC on A4 but you cant get a A3 fax driver for the PC without the A3 printer being a fax machine as well, or so ive been told. But thanks for the reply. Simon
  3. Hi there, ive just started up on my own last month and im looking at getting a good A3 printer. The only problem is I need to be able to send A3 size faxes as well. I cant afford ?2000 for a nice fancy one, can anyone out there help me by letting me know what ones to look at or if there is a way around it. Thanks Simon
  4. Does anyone know how to get the Z value out of a 3D object as I can get the worksheet to get the X and Y values just not the Z value, I cant even get it to do it in Version 12. Can anyone help please??
  5. Ive only just recently started using Vectorworks in the last 2 months. But someone has told me to try learning vectorscript as it will speed up the work we are doing. Can anyone recomend and good books I can use for referencing, as I've got knowledge of scripting from making websites in HTML script. Any help will be warmly received.


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