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  1. We are having issues with the grid line bubble moving up and down in elevation viewports. The need to constantly be adjusted. They are ok for the remainder of the working session but are messed up when opening the file again. Is there a way to lock them into place?
  2. I just came across this article from June 8, 2019, shortly after the Unreal's acquisition from the Budapest Business Journal. "Hungarian software developer Graphisoft SE is collaborating with Epic Games, the company that launched the world’s most popular video game design program, Unreal Engine, and Twinmotion, a real-time architectural planning software. As a result of the cooperative effort, the new version of Twinmotion, which is expected to be released towards the end of this year, will be available for ArchiCAD 23 users for free." https://bbj.hu/business/graphisoft-collaborates-with-us-software-designer_168160 Is there going to be any such love for Vectorworks? Hopefully, a least a sync feature will be coming soon.
  3. This is a great list. When can we expect to see any improvements with the stair tool? This tool is the most frustrating feature in VW, no doubt.
  4. It would be helpful to be able to group drawing sets into collapsable folders (similar to classes) so that different presentation sets could be better organized in the Navigation palette and published.
  5. It would make navigation of viewports much easier if they can be associated with the page that they are located on. An extra column in the navigation browser that gives the sheet name and number would be helpful.
  6. It would be nice if it could be possible to link a formula to a data visualization viewport. For example- I have a GIS map of a town that I can use to get the lot size and building square footage. I can calculate the FAR (floor area ratio) of the properties with a worksheet and would like to be able to show the various FAR graphically in a viewport. I would like to take record values, create a mathematical formula, and apply them to the data visualization viewport. Another instance of data visualization that I would like to do is to be able to compare a space net/gross area to see if it is greater or less than the proposed area that is required from the programming analysis.
  7. There should be an option to put long room names on multiple lines in small spaces.
  8. Hi Pat, I hope that all is well. I'm having a mental block. Is it possible to divide a sum of areas by the count to get an average of the areas? ='Space'.'Area'/COUNT Thanks, Brian Hores
  9. Guardrails need to have custom balusters. Handrails need to return to the wall. Handrails/Guardrails at landings need to be controlled independently on each side instead of all or nothing. All of these features and those mentioned above should also be applied to the handrail tools, which are in need of a major overhaul.
  10. I would like hyperlinks to link section cuts to their viewports and detail callouts to their details. This should be exportable to PDF. With more drawings being issued electronically this hyperlink would be a beneficial feature.
  11. What is the best way to set up a drawing using Stories for a project that has split levels? I have a VW client with a project where the addition to the first and second floor step down from the original house. Is it better to create separate stories for this offset or just use a "Z" offset for these areas? It seems like a common problem so there may already be an answer out there. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks, Brian
  12. @ida: Re Grid Export. I have been in contact with Rubbina Siddiqui at Vectorworks in Maryland. The process requires individually selecting each grid line and assigning it to be an IfcGridAxis. Then grouping the gridlines together and creating assigning it to be an IfcGrid. Her reply is as follows: In order to export an IfcGrid, there are some requirements: 1 - IfcGrid can have up to 3 axis, named U, V and W. W can be used only if you have 3-axis grid; U=horizontal, V=vertical, W=non orthagonal 2 - Draw all lines/arcs/circles from the first axis, attach to all of them IfcGridAxis. Set the AxisTag to the name of the line prefixed by the letter of the axis - U2 (this is a line with label 2 from the U axis lines) ); 3- Do the same for the next axis V (AxisTag will be V100 for the arc with label 100 from the V-axis); 4 - Optionally, do the same for the axis W, if any; 5 - Group all of the lines/arcs/circles and attach IfcGrid to the group (you can also setup a name for the grid); Hope this helps. They are working on a handbook for IFC export, which will hopefully be available soon. Brian
  13. Is it possible to export structural grid lines as part of IFC? They have been labeled as IfcGridAxis but they do not export. The whole model exports although they are the only object showing, and I have check "Export Visible Objects Only". The rest of the model looks pretty good in Solibri, but the Structural Engineer needs the grid lines. Thanks- Brian
  14. I think that I have figured it out, through trial and error.... Add the Formula to the object info menu and enter: =#26#-#11# It will report the difference as a value when linked to the space tag. Now I can push and pull the space to get close to the value close to 0!
  15. One more question on the proposed vs net area calculation. The formula works in the worksheet as Pat explained. Can it be attached to the space? I see that you can specify a formula to be attached to the space label. When I add the formula =('Space'.'Net Area')-('Space'.'Proposed Area') to the formula, that is what appears on the label, not the numeric value. Thanks again, Brian
  16. Thank you Pat! Works like a charm! Very much appreciated. Also thank you for the link to the PIO fields script. It is a great piece of code that I had used before but had lost. Thanks for all of your help! Brian
  17. That is the formula that I tried but get #VALUE! Thanks
  18. Hi Jim, See attached. I tried to subtract cell C from E, and space proposed from net area. What is the method to do the calc? Thanks so much, Brian
  19. Is it possible to do a take-off of the difference between the proposed area vs net area of a space and have the worksheet report what spaces are over or under the proposed area? When trying to subtract one from the other in a worksheet #VALUE! is the result. Thanks- Brian
  20. I agree. Sketchup has many alternative and customizable artistic styles. I know that C4D also has many options. Why are they not integrated?
  21. Is there a way to create a split level building with mid-stories? I have a building that has to have separate floor heights to work on a sloping site. When I try to create a mid-story I get an error message that "The Story Elevations is invalid. Layer planes in the story vertically overlap layer planes in "First Floor". How would one go about this? Thanks-Brian
  22. Is it possible to create a 3d symbol with multiple layers? I want to take a 5 story model and create a symbol that I can place/reference into a site plan. I have 6-8 buildings that I want to do this for and don't want to WGR all of these 60+ layers if possible. I tried to make a layer link of the the 5 floors but it would not allow me to create a symbol from this. If a symbol is not possible what might be the best method of achieving this? Thank you- Brian Hores VW12.5
  23. I have upgraded my computer to an iMac 2GHz Intel 2 Core Duo, 3GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM, with OSX.5.2 and installed the VectorWorks 12.5.3(80532) upgrade. Since this upgrade I am having a problem with assigning Room Finishes to a Space. Create a new document. Create rectangle. Convert Object from Polyline to Space. Try to Assign Room Finish in Object Info. Pop up window is corrupted. When I reselect the Space and try to Assign Room Finish from the Object Info the Assign Room Finish drop down menus are blank. It will not save Edit Finish... when new labels are assigned to the Ceiling, Walls, etc. The Room Finish Schedule only lists the Room Names, but the finish columns are blank. I am not able to generate the Finish Schedule since upgrading to VW 12.5.3. I noticed that the Object Info for the Space tool has changed as part of the upgrade. The Room Finish tool seems to work fine on the older version. Has this problem been reported before? I am fearful of upgrading the rest of the computers in the office if this is a bug.
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