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  1. Does anyone know if it is posible to use the PIO to create different height drawers - instead of 3, 4 or 5 equal ones? Are there other PIO available for sale that people have tried and liked?
  2. Ray, You must have been posting at the same time I was. I agree with you and Travis and will give it a try. Thanks.
  3. Travis, Suggestion 1 doesn't work because then it changes to Top View (instead of Top/Plan View) and doors dissappear, etc, I think suggestion 2 might be the least laborious. I'll give it a try. Thank you!
  4. Thank you both for your responses. I will look at your suggestions and see what happens. The extrusion was made with polygon tool set to create polygons only, not lines, so I know that is not the issue. And when it was a 2D object, it was opaque because I could not see the wall below in plan prior to creating the extrusion. I don't normally render my plans, but objects with fill, (i.e., walls, circles, polygons) normally show as opaque in Plan View and so I was surprised when the extrusion did not behave in that same way. From your response Katie, I would also assume you think it is unusual that the extrusion is transparent, correct?
  5. I am trying to make a simple cap for a solid deck wall. I have used the double line poly tool and set the resulting polygon to be solid and then extruded it. The problem is that it remains transparent in Plan View, even though other objects with a fill do not. I have tried editing the polygon after extruding it already to no avail. Any suggestions?
  6. Charlie, Well, I will definitely give that a try and see what happens. Thanks! Sorry to be 'off-thread' here but another problem I was having was a class is being created called 'floor plan only' and the things that should be going in the sills class, the jambs, e.g., are ending up there. Does that ring any bells? Charles
  7. Bryn, I am having a problem which may be related to yours, although for me it arises with the window and door PIO tool. I am having trouble controlling the line weights of the window components, in particular, the wall lines in the window, and the jambs. I have been able to control them previously in the past. Even if I open an old document, with the windows and wall lines as I like them, and simply select the window and make any change, even to the window type, the lines all go thick. Does this seem similar to your problem? Has anyone else experienced such a glitch?
  8. OK, after calling tech support, we have determined that for some reason (user error? glitch?) when I use the W or D PIO, the sash or leaf gets assign the Floor Plan Only class. Does anyone know how or why this happens? Additionally, if I move all objects into the Sills class and then delete the FPO class and then create a new door or window, the FPO class is recreated. Any thoughts?
  9. I have noticed that the problem extends to doors. I can see the leaves of the door very briefly, just like the sash of a window, when I place it or edit it, but it then disappears. Is it possible it is a class problem and the door leaf is being preassigned to a class that is invisible or even nonexistent?
  10. I am having two problems with the window PIO. 1) when I change the line weights of the jambs to .35, the wall lines also change to that weight. 2) the sash does not appear except when I make a change, (like click the 'use wall depth' or 'plan detail' box) then it flashes in and out. Has anyone experienced these issues or have suggestions about how to solve them?
  11. CharlesJ


    Does anyone know how I might best draw a roof over a bay window? The line of the overhang needs to follow the line of the walls. Selecting the walls gives me a funny gable/hip sort of roof, not the roof with three facets that I an after. Thanks!
  12. I am using VW12 and have started a recent residential addition project by building a 3D model of the existing house. The addition will be three stories added to the front of the 2 story house. I am familiar with 3D in VW, but this is the first time I have started a project in 3D and will be trying to produce permit and bid sets from a model. Viewports are new to me with this upgrade. My question is this: how do I set the drawing up so that I am able to produce drawings of existing conditions and proposed conditions with demo'd walls? In the propsed condition, I will have to show all three types of walls: the (E) part we are not touching, the demo'd walls and the new walls of the addition. The front facade completely goes away in this case, but needs to be there for the (E) conditions. Would I just set up an extra class for the (E) walls I need for the (E) condition but not for the proposed condition and turn the visibility off and on as needed or is there a another way.
  13. Firstly, thanks for your responses. I do appreciate it. I will try to be more specific in the hope that In you can tell me whether what I would like to do is possible or if I need to find another way to work. Typically, I work with Saved Sheets and the sheets have more than one scale. (i,e., my title block symbol is in 1:1, floor plans are usually 1/4", etc.,) This allows me to communicate more clearly with my boss, who is not very computer literate, because he does not have to manipulate a file very much to print or view it. When it comes time to export the drawings to send to a consultant, it would be great if I could simply export a Saved Sheet because if one of us is looking at hardcopy and another at a VW or AutoCAD file, we can refer to "Sheet A2.1" or whatever and know that the other person we are commmuncating with, via phone or email, is looking at the same information. So my question is: is this possible in VW 11.5or do I need to find another way to work? We recently upgraded so another one to v12 is a tough sell.
  14. Hi, Can someone please tell me what the best way is to export a saved sheets with multiple scale layers? Or is there a better way to get that info than using saved sheets? Thanks for your help!
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