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  1. quote: Originally posted by Mark H: After installing Mac OS 9 on my machine, it reset all of the memory allotments for all of my programs. I had to go through and allocate more memory to all of my programs. Make sure you have enough memory to run the program and also to perform the tasks you are trying to do. If you allocate more memory to the program that may solve the problem. I consider the problem to be Apple-, not Diehl-related. The only solution seems to be to await 9.0.1. Reassigning more memory doesn't help a bit.
  2. quote: Originally posted by Pat: We are about to upgrade our Macs to System 9. Are there any known problems with Vectorworks 8.5.1 and System 9? Check out my message.
  3. After installing Mac OS 9, dragging objects several times causes the computer to freeze. Sometimes only VW crashes, sometimes it's the whole OS. I experienced this on a 9500/120 (96 Mb), on a bw G3 (256 Mb) and on a G4 (256 Mb). All of the machines worked well with OS 8.6 installed. Does anybody know a solution or experience the same problems?
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