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  1. I can see what you are doing there. You are trying to assign a one-off material. That's perfectly fine when you want one individual piece to have a different material than what has been assigned to that type of part in general. 

    Try this: go to the "Construction" tab and assign a material to the shelf (or fixed shelf, I cannot really see which one it is).

    That should give you what you need.

  2. 13 hours ago, Habitat43 said:

    where do I change the piece of wood from one thickness to another one?

    I see the problem. The label for the material is actually a link that can be clicked on. Enabled links will be shown in blue. You have selected a part that does not (yet) exist in your cabinet model. Click on side/stile and the labels should turn blue and become clickable.

  3. @Habitat43 so you have two questions:


    1.) How to change the thickness of a material? You seem to have found the master data. Any material you have defined in the master data can be used anywhere in the cabinet and also in a standalone part. Assign the material to the parts (last page in the cabinet object's dialog) and you should be all set. 

    2.) You want framed fronts. This will be possible in the upcoming version of interiorcad (2021) which we will release very shortly. You will also be able to use profiles for stiles and rails and for the panel.

  4. BTW the object arrays are all done via Marionette. Each green box has a Marionette of just a single symbol which is scaled, rotated and displaced with controlled random values. It's the next best thing to a real gravity and collision control function which Vectorworks does not have. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Kevin K said:

    Ok, thanks for confirming that.

    I guess for the time being I will just stick with my '3d greek salads' and using the frame tool in IC XS to make any custom fronts. 😞

    There is more than just framed fronts though. You can probably guess what this means:

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Kevin K said:

    Stephan, do you know if InteriorCad XS V 2021 will work with VW 2020? Or will it only work with VW 2021??

    I didn't upgrade to 2021 this year for several reasons....I am sort of boycotting.


    Hi Kevin, you will need Vectorworks 2021 for interior xs 2021 to run. 2021 actually makes a few things a lot snappier, especially redraw and OpenGL so don't hold back!

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  7. 4 hours ago, Kevin K said:

    You all are probably well aware of this, but the 'Tapered Extrude' tool can facilitate some cool stuff, that can't easily be achieved by other methodologies for say...creating a label for a wine bottle,  in seconds. Very flexible, as well, if you would need to quickly adjust the arc chord or sweep. I simply created an an arc by 3 points in a top plan view, referencing the diameter of the wine bottle, then did a tapered extrude with no angle,  and voila !

    Just a little 'FYI' for those who may be interested.  🙂

    Note the rendering....



    Is that a 3D salad?

  8. 40 minutes ago, Habitat43 said:

    Hi Stephen. This is what I would like to do:

    1. Change the height of the drawers and/or door. If I choose 2 or 3 drawers VW makes them the same size, I would like the top to be smaller than the one in the bottom, like in a regular kitchen. 
    2. would like to be able to have the top drawer with one style and the bottom drawers with another one. 

    I was able to change the height of door using the custom cabinet option but it doesn’t allow me to change the door style. 

    The custom cabinet is a third party plugin right?


    That's possible with the full version of interiorcad and yes, it's an extra plugin. There is an entry-level version, interior xs, which has full capabilities but does not do fittings, parts lists and costing. 


    The 2021 version of interiorcad/interior xs will also feature framed fronts, face frames, openable fronts, awning doors, notched toe kicks and a slew of other features made for users outside of Germany/Austria/Switzerland. 

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  9. As for the file format: you can simply choose "Vectorworks interiorcad" from the list and then copy and paste into your document. This is a Java applet and is slightly temperamental so if it does not work as expected, just choose STEP and download. Then, drag and drop into your document. I will make a short film to explain how to proceed with the hinge from there on. (As soon as I get a chance).


  10. Ah, you mean the rogue object?

    Replace the 0 in the 'First Rectangle Width' node with 50. You are creating a dead object so the count for the rotation values is one more than that for objects. You can see it if you go to debug mode:


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