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  1. Is this latest discussion slightly off topic? I didn't start this thread so maybe I should keep quiet but it could be useful to have this thread for discussions about the *aesthetics* rather than core functionality.
  2. I take it, you have scripted that node yourself? If that's the case, I'm out of my depth. perhaps someone else can comment.
  3. I haven't tried to do this with Marionette but I think the "Get Record Field" node is going to help.
  4. You can do that easily by creating a Worksheet that lists the Spaces. Right-click a Space's row header and choose "Select object".
  5. You are trying to set a viewport's opacity. That's interesting. A VP cannot have direct opacity. You can give the VP a fill colour and put it into a class and set that class to an opacity. I don't think you can give the whole VP an opacity that will pass that opacity on to everything that is contained within.
  6. I don't think that an odd number makes sense here. The offered solution was for an even number of sides.
  7. Here you go. Good old Marionette. Great for this kind of stuff. Alternating Polygon.vwx
  8. It works with any number of edges, as long as there are always two of each. I'll make you a quick Marionette. After my supper.
  9. Here's the file. The formula is based on the knowledge that the angle between all edges is the same. So the angle = 1/ Edges / (Edges/2 -1) / 360 If you rearrange that you get the angle. From there on you construct your polygon using VWX. Alternating Polygon.vwx
  10. Kevin, I have to challenge your solution. Your short lines are 751.253. Thats not correct. 🙂
  11. Yes, I get it. The clip cube is a visibility thing. That's sometimes counter-intuitive as you would expect objects that are hidden to behave like they are hidden and not be affected by selection. I cannot imagine dealing with point clouds without the clip cube but I share your view on how it should behave.
  12. Have you tried the Isolate Points button in the OIP? That gets rid of unwanted points for you.
  13. Hmm... maybe @Marissa Farrell should have a look and confirm it's a bug.
  14. You mean they disconnect and reconnect to a different input port?
  15. You need Set Entity Matrix to get this to work. I had a similar thing the other week which I just remembered where 2D circles had to be stacked to create a 3D routing contour: Matrix Rotation.vwx
  16. @STA check your network again. I had a quick look - when I alt-drag your Marionette to make a copy, the new object gets corrupted. I'm not saying there is not a bug also (I had a similar thing happening with the "Set 2D Vertex" node in wrapped objects) but I would first try and fix the network. HTH
  17. Hi Tamsin, I have now posted a DropBox link. Upload is terminated with unknown error (-200). I have included some lever arch files in the embedded library of symbols.
  18. I don't think this was ever true for the Marionette section. Books 2.2 have 331.1MB, Books 2.3 have 337.8MB. My guess is something broke somewhere on the way.
  19. I don't think that works with the Marionette download system. I have no idea how large the other Marionettes are but maybe I have just hit the ceiling.


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