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  1. @MarcelP102 someone else has caught this one and I have since updated the eyedropper. I think it will be in one of the upcoming SPs. FYI: Cannot use the bucket because it is already being used for the boundary mode of the same tool! Great thread. Always good someone is keeping an eye out for these things!
  2. Hi @jasvars do you have the full version of interiorcad with Vectorwop? Have you had your initial setup? Please get in touch any time here: https://en.extragroup.de/submit-ticket/ and I'll have a look! Thanks!
  3. I just checked and the sample screw appears to have two drillings. I have dragged them away from the centre to show them. Maybe you deleted one of the drillings previously?
  4. Ok, I don't mind having a look at your library files but you need to upload them please: Thanks!
  5. Just a quick update on the situation: we are aware of the insertion bug with messed-up drillings and are working on a fix. @napwszzm I cannot tell from looking at the document what is going on, I need your custom drawer library for that. I assume you wnet through interiorcad -> fittings -> Edit / Adapt Fittings Library and then chose Drawer Boxes, Drawer Profiles etc.? I need those files from your user folder under /Libraries/Defaults/Custom Part/. One of the most common mistakes users make is to mess up the groups in the custom fittings, or they delete record formats. Record formats that are attached to groups will also be deleted if that group is ungrouped. We provide a sample geometry with each library document that can be used as a guide how to set up your custom fittings. It is advisable to use this sample geometry as a starting point.
  6. Hi @Shawn please buy here: https://en.extragroup.de/buy/ Runs best on Vectorworks Architect but can be used with Fundamentals as well. Let me know if you have any further questions!
  7. @Ride I would like to make sure it does not stay that way. If you have particular cases where you think interiorcad could be improved, please let us know. You can either post something here (PLEASE always include a comprehensible file) or on https://en.extragroup.de/submit-ticket/. Happy to take a look. THANKS!
  8. If it's a cabinet object, parts are named automatically. Like you said: side, stretcher etc. If it's a custom part, you can assign a custom name via the "construction" button in the OIP. (We had a bug where any new name did not take properly. Can you download and install this version please: http://upload.extragroup.de/IterationBuilds/Bockschus2021/installer/zip/interiorcad2021-F3-E-MacOS.zip http://upload.extragroup.de/IterationBuilds/Bockschus2021/installer/zip/interiorcad2021-F3-E-Win.zip) Let me know how you get on!
  9. Go here: https://en.extragroup.de Then, download educational version.
  10. Yes, I know what you mean. "Can't teach an old dog new tricks", I guess. 🙂
  11. If you want to draw corner vertices only, you can use the polygon tool. Will that not work?
  12. I think what you are seeing is when you hold down the mouse after you have inserted a new vertex. If you click fast, this may happen. It's a feature that allows you to change the vertex type to Bézier without switching modes. It's been around forever.
  13. I would like to have a look at that file as well please. From what you are describing, it does not sound like it should be slow. I might find out why it seems to perform poorly though. This issue should be fixed in the upcoming service pack. Thanks for reporting! I am not aware of a script to check coincident duplicates but I checked your file manually and the counts seems ok. I also created an empty file and inserted the same connectors you used and the count seemed to add up. Did you see this in the file you sent me? That is our mission and it should do just that 🙂
  14. You need to use the cabinet tool and then choose the saved preset from the mode bar. It doesn't work if you insert from the resource manager.
  15. Thanks, @Marcel Ostendorf for chipping in! Here's the direct link to the FAQ: https://en.extragroup.de/question/why-do-some-of-my-own-custom-screws-change-position-when-a-cabinet-is-reshaped/
  16. Hi Zeno, they are. As for all machinings that we model in interiorcad, you need to hide the class in 3D. See this FAQ: https://en.extragroup.de/question/why-are-my-millings-visible-in-hidden-line/
  17. Go to View -> Class Options. It should be Show/Snap/Modify Others. Is it?
  18. Hi Zeno! We do not show the profile currently in the part layout. We'll need to add that. Argh, yuck, we messed up the texture mapping badly for the profile. I'll need to get someone from engineering to look into that.
  19. It does. We supply CIX. We also interface with the more modern BSolid, also by Biesse.
  20. Not sure why they come up metric. When you first installed interiorcad you were asked to choose. Did you choose imperial then as well? Can you shoot me a document where you are getting metric units?
  21. Sure you want a barcode? I think QR codes are the preferred choice now but up to you. Both are no problem. Make sure you get "Cut Rite" for panel optimising. It should be supplied with your machine anyway if it's capable of nesting. We have an export for it so you get all your edgebanding information across as well. Cut Rite will create the graphic code from the information you get from interiorcad.
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