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  1. 1 hour ago, Alan Woodwell said:

    Hi, I see its cold over there in Germany today. 36Dec C here today. Not sure where I would rather be. :)


    Plus one, so not that cold. Suits me fine. Expecting some snow though.

  2. @Alan Woodwell That sounds like a great idea for another "shelf life" marionette (should we create a new tag? I'm also working on a new "shelf life" Marionette this weekend). Can't wait to see the finished script. BoxShot app has parametric bottles, bags, cream tubs etc., so no end of possibilities there. I'll make some as soon as I get the chance.

    I noticed you used the "Get Bounding Box" node to get at the symbol footprints. I would never have tried that because the description reads "Returns the bounding box's coordinates of an objects *projection on the screen*. If this also works for the 3D projected footprint (as apparently it does) the description should be changed to reflect that, don't you agree?

  3. 1 hour ago, Robert Anderson said:

    Stephan, most impressive. (I loved the fact that you had a Karl May collection!) Could one move examples from all the collections into a "general random" folder and get a truly randomized collection of books?

    Ah, you mean like on a real messy person's shelf? :-) I cringe when I think of Karl May mixed with Penguin and trashy novels but hey, why not. I am sure there are marionetteers on this forum who could change the "Symbol in Folder" Node (was that even one of @DomC's?) to drill down into subfolders. That way the cake could be kept and eaten at the same time. Then again, one might want to exclude the Karl Mays after all (and the encyclopaedia). About time I learned Python. 

  4. 41 minutes ago, Alan Woodwell said:

    @Stephan MoenninghoffHi, I notice that a lot of the new nodes are by 'HMK' is that Hans M K  and one by 'Nicholas G'. I haven't seen them in the Marionette Forum. If they have more I would certainly like to see any that they have to contribute to the Forum.



    Ok i see them all now https://www.extragroup.de/xg/team/

    Great work Team I want to see more please.

    Yes, Hans Martin Kern is our CTO and my associate in the company and Nicolas Goutte is our Python Guru. They helped me with some of the changes made to the Index and Random Chunk Nodes.

  5. Thanks, @MarissaF :-).  Marionette is highly addictive. I had a couple of hours to spare today (a rare occurrence) and I had to make a decision what to do. Of course I ended up wiring a spike for a textured, parametric box, my next pet project ("anything you can put on a shelf"). I wish I could do more Python sometimes to be more flexible.  Having said that - what we can do just with nodes is already very good. I hope, Marionette will get regular updates with new features. 


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  6. Ah, I didn't think of the preceding 0. Thanks, Alan. Does Random still work now? I can't test just now. My PC is busy rendering and on the Mac it's still crashing. (They are on it though. This is slated to be fixed for SP3 :-)

  7. 17 hours ago, Alan Woodwell said:

    What I wanted to say was you 3D of each book, some have upto 732 3D polygons which will slow the average computer and cause slowness as you add more shelves of books. You will need to simplify the 3D books so the file size is smaller and things run faster.

    I can't see any difference in performance on my end between books consisting of meshes and books modeled in VWX. If you have time, would you try using the Penguin paperback collection instead of the Paperbacks? Does that make a difference on your computer in terms of execution speed? 

    BTW the reason why I'm using the meshes is I made them outside of VWX (in an app designed to do just box shots of objects) and then imported them via OBJ. The UV mapping of the textures will get destroyed once I enter the mesh.

  8. Thanks for all your comments. @Alan WoodwellI see the same problem with the "get list length" node. It will start to return zero after a few times running the network. I did put this down to my own noob wiring but maybe you are on to something there. What I am doing is I am sorting the books and then shuffling them inside their sorted blocks so I don't get very wide books stacking on top of very narrow books. At the same time, the stacks don't look totally neat. As I mentioned before, my next step would be to fix the distance between leaning books and stacks. Still a bit of work remaining but I'm loving it. Placing the books manually would have been hours of very dull, repetitive work. 

  9. 10 minutes ago, Stephan Moenninghoff said:

    I have reported the crashing. I have come to a point where I am unable to continue working. As soon as I add "Get 3D Info" and try to use the print node, I crash. I'll try copying and pasting to a new document to see if this helps. It would be a shame to abandon this project now. Lots of things to do. The spacing between angled books and stacks needs to be corrected :-)

    No luck. Still crashing. I did hesitate to report this as a bug as it may be the way I'm connecting my network that is causing the crashing. However I see no way of debugging this.

  10. 8 hours ago, DomC said:

    Also that network (looks quite tidy) unfortunately is crashing, if I actualize all PIO Objects (that sometimes can help to fix a network).

    I have reported the crashing. I have come to a point where I am unable to continue working. As soon as I add "Get 3D Info" and try to use the print node, I crash. I'll try copying and pasting to a new document to see if this helps. It would be a shame to abandon this project now. Lots of things to do. The spacing between angled books and stacks needs to be corrected :-)

  11. Hi everyone,


    First of all: thanks for all the helpful threads and sample code that I was able to download from this forum. 

    I have been putting together a marionette that pulls book symbols from a folder and places the symbols on a shelf. The script randomizes the books and allows for leaning books with some presets to choose from (random angles, leaning incrementally, all upright etc. You get the idea :-) ). I have now begun to introduce stacks as well. It is all going very well and I am enjoying working with marionette. 

    Until I try to wrap my (fairly large) marionette. Sometimes, VWX will let me wrap everything and I get no errors. Sometimes, I get an error when I try to wrap. I then unwrap and the errors continue. Wrapping the same script on a duplicated layer with no changes made may or may not work. If it works, it will continue to work without a hitch.

    I have spent hours trying to debug errors of the type "Attribute Error: type object 'Move_Right_And_Up' has no attribute 'Params'. These always point to wrappers within the marionette network but I can see nothing wrong with them. There were some threads dealing with similar errors but none of the solutions mentioned seem to work in my case so, I guess it's time to ask for help.

    I attach a rendered scene with version 0.5 of the books (no stacks yet) and a dropbox link to the latest version of the file in case anyone wants to have a look.


    Each design layer contains exactly the same marionette with some of them throwing errors, and others working fine. I have labeled the design layers so it is easy to see which is which:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0zyvf9kwxz10ao/Books (Stable%2C with Flat books v. 0.9).vwx?dl=0





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