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  1. Hey @ZenoI just stumbled upon this post and could not help noticing that row of books in your image. If you ever need to place different styles of books on a shelf, here's a Marionette I made for just this purpose. I have just updated it so it can be freely copied and pasted between files (VWX 2018 only, though). Feel free to download and use it. I would love to see some renderings using the books :-)
  2. Hi all, I have just updated the books. What's new: All books are now contained within the object. You can freely copy and paste the books from file to file without issue Only available for Vectorworks 2018 Known Issues Please allow for the Marionette to regenerate when you make a change for the first time after pasting/duplicating. Subsequent changes will run fast for the same object but with each new copy that process starts again. Currently, all parameters are set to default values after each regeneration. I will update this once this has been resolved. Download
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Adjustable lidded box. The box can be resized and the lid height and offset can be set. Features: Textures of lid will adjust with lid rim A printed logo will replace the label holder if space gets tight (Adjust or replace the texture to change the placeholder logo) dimensions are always outer dimensions, regardless of lid offset (box will shrink if lid offset is increased) Box and drum insertion reference is always front for convenient placement on a shelf Textures and label holder symbol are contained within the marionette script so it fully supports cut/copy/paste between documents "Reset on Move" is OFF
  4. Interesting. Have you tried using the Rotate node instead of "Set 3D Rotation"? I think you don't actually need to find the symbol centre either, the rotate node will rotate the symbol about its centre if no rotation pivot is provided.
  5. The attached document got lost somehow... here it is. NoWrap.vwx
  6. I have this little exercise where a landscape tree is created with some randomness. All runs fine until I wrap the network. I am probably just too dumb to see what is going on here but nevertheless - has anyone come across this? Up to this point, wrapping up any network has never been a problem. Thanks for any comments/ideas!
  7. Hi @Spotbenny 1.)When you create your Symbol, tick the option at the bottom of the "Symbol anlegen" dialog "In Intelligentes Objekt umwandeln". That will take care of it. 2.) That prompt is a disaster :-). It should simply say "delete all the grey text at the top of the code" and Bob's your uncle...
  8. Yes, I have had Undos where it jumped back several steps. Very very hard to pin down. But I'm sure someone will eventually so the engineers can fix it.
  9. @Nuno AntunesThey have fixed or improved a massive amount of issues going from 2017 to 2018. Install 2018. :-)
  10. Have you tried using "Control Geometry"? It should do what you want. You can have nested groups inside it and access each sub-group by criteria. @DomChas also made a node that will do this, overcoming some of the limitations of the stock node.
  11. I have reported this and it was recently fixed. I believe it will be included in the next SP download.
  12. Hi @Pat Stanford I tried again and also did what you described but it seems to work fine. I'm on Build 393917. Maybe to do with that?
  13. Just tried it again. Works here. File attached. Marionette_detail_title.vwx
  14. A customer has reported an unknown object appearing randomly in the lower right corner of his drawing window. Sometimes it changes to a "pause" symbol for split seconds. Nothing too serious and totally harmless but out of curiosity: What is this? (This is v22 still).
  15. It loses the escape characters on conversion to a wrapper. If you edit your wrapper and replace the 1" = 1'-0" with 1\" = 1'-0\" again, it will work.
  16. Fantastic stuff, @DomC. That's a good show reel. Marionette is so easy to get into that it would be absurd not to!
  17. Hey @DomCyou should post your presentation video on the Marinette forum. It‘s inspiring. Everybody should see it.
  18. I sent a video to @Marissa Farrellyesterday. In my case, it happened after using the slider but it has happened with files where no slider was used. Good luck with your presentation. I look forward to seeing it on Monday :-)
  19. I have just added an Enhancement Request for combined nodes. (I had already logged one earlier this year for Master Snaps to appear in Marionette nodes.) Here is my (probably very incomplete) list. If anyone wants to add to it, feel free. I can always complete it in the original VE Combined Nodes (Choose Options via popup in OIP, rename nodes dynamically) * Add/subtract/multiply/divide * Pop Front/Pop Back/Pop Both * if/Filter * Greater than/Less than/Equal/... * And/Or/Xor
  20. It happens only when using Marionette and it happens soon after working with any Marionette file. I'll send you the file off list. it's WIP. Unrelated to Undo, I'm quite certain.
  21. Just downloaded and installed 395475. Still the same issue. What drives me crazy is that I cannot reproduce this. It just starts to happen after about 5 minutes working with my current file. That's a different file than when I first reported this. It's even a different computer. Oh, the mysteries of software....
  22. Since we are on a roll anyway: could we have more integrated nodes? I very often find myself subtracting and adding different numbers in the same place in a network. Currently, this means I have to delete the add node, then add the subtract node etc. I would love to have a combined "Maths" node with a simple popup menu in the OIP that allows me to change add, subtract, multiply, divide etc. Same for "less than", "equal".... you get my drift... (@DomChas crafted an add/subtract node which I use exclusively but if this was integrated for all users, that would be perfect)
  23. There is a new feature which I absolutely LURVE: Thanks for ignoring wires when aligning nodes. It has helped a lot alleviating my Marionette-OCD. Well done! Could we hope for *selection* of nodes to also ignore wires for 2019? Like they were not there? That would sweeten up my day even more :-)
  24. I would really like to see Master Snaps implemented for Marionette nodes. When you have a complex network and you are zoomed out all the way for a bird's eye view it can be a tad cumbersome to connect nodes. Snap Loupe is always there, of course, but still...


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