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  1. This is to inform you that there are other snap points within a tight radius of the currently acquired point. You may want to zoom in, or use the snap loupe, to acquire your desired point.
  2. Ingredients for a single cupcake shouldn't be excessive. And IIRC Vectorworks now has photogrammetric visual scanning. I haven't tried it but it's not a bad idea!
  3. Frosting is definitely doable with the Deform Tool. Glazing should be, too. Glazing.mp4
  4. When I Google "cupcake with frosting" I get this: Is that what you want or is it glazing:
  5. I wonder about that. VWX objects are most often filled. Wouldn't those get dragged if the selection marquee was started on top of one?
  6. That's one reason to abandon Autocad. How very inefficient that must be. What happens if you make changes to your project? Vectorworks has sophisticated fills and transparencies almost like a graphic program. In fact Vectorworks' tile fill is much more elegant than the fills options even in Illustrator. And it's more powerful than Autocad in 3D as well! (I only use the 3D part of VWX because 2D workflows are too inefficient to get work done!) I have converted hundreds of users from Autocad to Vectorworks over the past 20 years and not a single one has wanted to go back. Autocad users always tell me "we don't work in 3D. It's too complicated. We only do 2D". Truth be told, Autocad doesn't even have proper 2D. it's all flattened 3D really. I could go on for hours! @Vectorworks Novice give VWX a chance, you will *not* regret it!
  7. @SeanOSkea if you start with a NURBS curve for the path and then use a Working Plane to draw the profile on it is easier to achieve what you want. Make sure to check "Fix Profile" as well. Extrude Along Path.mp4
  8. I suspect (forgive me if I am wrong!) that you are lumping together several issues. If the Fillet Tool fails, it is usually because some of the conditions it is meant to work on are not right (edges tapering into nothing or meeting at impossible angles). It can be frustrating but it is explainable. The title of this thread is still about objects not hiding and I know that there are issues there. I know they are being worked on as I have files bugs. However, these issues are very unlikely to be related to the fillet tool not working.
  9. Align should work even if one of the objects is screen plane. This feels like something I have seen on a customer's machine. Maybe worth a shot deleting and rebuilding your user folder just in case something got corrupted there.
  10. @MHBrown are you running Multiple View Panes? I had this happening and it turned out to be caused by it.
  11. Export as a 2018 file and open that. Does that work? I have had the same happening with 2018 files that were opened and saved in 2019. the original 2018 files were fine but the 2019 files froze 2020 on open. Not sure if saving back to 2018 will work the same but it's worth a shot.
  12. @JoeStewart I know. I have logged a bug with Vectorworks. This will be fixed. Thanks!
  13. @Niels Timmer I am seeing it, too. Are you saying that using the menu instead of the keystroke will not break undo?
  14. @KingChaos you are still trying to force VWX into something it doesn't do. As I have recommended before, start embracing the wonderful world of Vectorworks and stop looking for Solidworks.
  15. @Urstanner you cannot use interiorcad custom parts to create a parametric cabinet. It may be possible in a future version but as for now, it isn't. That's what we have the cabinet PIO for. Hundreds of thousands of hours have gone into its development. It is not a trivial task to create a PIO as complex as the cabinet. Would you like to explain what you are trying to achieve so we can consider it and perhaps implement it as part of the cabinet PIO?
  16. I explained to you on the German forum that VWX doesn't have the same 3D constraints manager as TopSolid. The answer is still the same. You can do this construction with ease using interiorcad - plus, you will get the complete CNC code from the fittings and millings you assign to the parts or their connections. You need to stop expecting things we do not do and start to embrace the possibilities interiorcad is offering. For example, I know from talking to quite a few customers who have converted from TopSolid that although they cannot achieve a fully parametric construction, the modelling process is much faster in VWX. So, some you lose, some you gain.
  17. interiorcad parts and millings use standard plug-in parameter records. The cabinet tool is too complex for that approach. It needs additional opaque data objects.
  18. @Zeno I just tried and succeeded. Maybe try again in a bit?
  19. Update your custom lights. There was a bug when converting IES-based lights. I think it's fixed but the fix may not be in yet.
  20. Yes, unwrapping is necessary only for debugging. I needed to find out which node was causing the error.
  21. I don't know what exctly is causing this. If I unwrap the object node and run the command I get an error pointing to a divide node. Apparently, the unit conversion is acting up and something is getting divided by zero. If I change units to m and then back to mm and rewrap the network and convert to an object node, everything runs without issue. I didn't write the unit conversion node. It is one I collected off the old forum.
  22. Ah, interesting. I'm on a short break right now. Will look into it shortly. Thanks for the heads up, Bert!


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