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  1. Hello, I am quite familiar with making fillets and Chamfer edges. However, for this item I struggle at the two intersections shown. Does anyone know how to do this in a simple manner? Thanks attached is a side view of the item with the two angles shown. Am working on VW2014 Architect + Renderworks Happy New Year to all readers
  2. Well, as like for many other similar posts there is no follow up for the Unicode issue. The pathetic thing is that Vectorworks / Nemetschek is selling "localised" versions (i.e. Chinese and Japanese) ; this is clearly a misunderstanding or negligence of the Asian market were there are plenty of cross-country exchanges. VW is just mono-lingual and therefore not suitable for Asia . What a shame !
  3. From which version on will Unicode be fully supported? I exchange regularly .dwg files with other offices here in Asia and need a full support for Chinese, Japanese and Thai languages.
  4. mmm, annoying thing just happened. First the immediate question: is there a way to import in a specific layer of a VW file into a another one (that is without copying) ? Then the problem - working on VW2010 on Snow Leopard on a 27" iMac. A file got damaged while placing a resource, some furniture that is in the VW2010 package. VW crashed and keeps crashing while regenerating the 3D geometry when trying to open the file I was working on; the odd thing is that there is hardly any 3D object, just max 15 seats in 3D. Now, here is the other thing: my autosave is every 5' - since years. But this time the last BU file was ... 2h old, even though I worked on it during that time. so autosave stopped working. FYI Is there another way to recover the damaged file?
  5. when collecting several objects (of another class) into a group the newly created group takes the class that is active. However, while still in the same active class and 1/ when using the 'grey others' function the new group is also greyed 2/ when you use the view active class only the objects in a group disappear Is there a way to see the groups AND the standalone objects that have the same class assignment as the active class?
  6. hi, yes, found it according your instructions. Actually, their PDF manuals are much more user friendly (to me) than the help function of VW which is less detailed, more academic and seems at times at odds w/ the content of the manuals (i.e. the road issue) All together it turns out pretty nice. thanks XL
  7. Thank you Peter VW Architect 2010 is quite new to me, and am more familiar w/ the manuals of VW Fundamentals pre VW 2008 than anything else. The help function for VW 2010 is a but more complex - i.e. NURBS roads are indicated as being part of Landmark, not of Architect as well. Thanks XL
  8. 1. the easy question: is it possible and if so how to create a road on a site model that would more or less flows with the terrain? 2. still in site model: when I use the function "Site model Section" it only create ONCE a section, after that the "OK" button turns grey. Impossible to create new sections. A bug? ; can only create a section of a site model. 3. Re: Site Model Section: how to create a specific (viewpoint) terrain section that I want (specific angle) ? Am on VW2010, iMac 3.06 Ghz, Mac OS X 10.6.2 Thanks XL
  9. Just sharing experience here with: Snow Leopard on the new iMac 27" 3.06 Ghz Intel Core Duo Vectorworks 12.5.3 & Renderworks Works perfectly well for us. FYI only
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