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  1. Excellent! Thank you, that is a great help, worked perfectly.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I will try the vectorscript to see if that works. Katie there is no error it just crashes and kicks us out of the programme! The file was last accessed in V12 on the same machine. It is very annoying and we have found out that it will only happen in files with referenced material. A slow work around is to recreate the files and re-reference all the info into the file again. To explain we draw in one file then assemble the drawings using workgroup references. We tried deleting and reinstalling the printers. That did not work I am afraid. Any more info would be good, don't really want to recreate all of these files. I will try the vectorscript and report back. Thanks Mike
  3. This is now becoming a serious problem. One computer will not print at all using any VW12 using shortcuts or the file menu. Any ideas?
  4. I seem to be having an issue with printing on a mac os x 10.3.9. On a couple of files VW12 crashes when I try to change the printer in the print screen. The really odd thing is that the same file will print okay on other macs using ox x 10.3.9 and 10.4.6. I know this is probably a long shot but has anyone else had this issue? Any possible solutions? Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Mike
  5. 8 - I would like to be able to host template files on a central server.
  6. 7 - Fence like tool. IE draw a box and be able to copy everything in that box with it cutting lines where it crosses box. Also same tool but to streach objects crossing the line of the box whilst the items inside the box area remain the same size and proportion.
  7. 6 - Updates that do not download during installation. Since my download crashed the other day (multiple times) I have installed 1 of the 2 updates on my Mac and the update installer now says VW is fully up to date. I will now have the uninstall and reinstall with 12.0.1 installation disk. This is annoying and time wasting and I would much prefere to download the update and run it locally / over network to update.
  8. Thanks Katie. Will the disk be able to update the copy of VW or will I have to run a completely new install? We have recently just purchased a new license of VW and that disk was VW 12.0.1 DVD will this disk suffice?
  9. Hiya I have tried to update my copy of V12 three times and each time the download freezes part way through and crashes. Any ideas?
  10. quote: Originally posted by Deirdre: VectorWorks 12 to Support Apple?s Intel Macintosh Computers Columbia, Maryland (December 20, 2005)?Nemetschek North America announced today that its VectorWorks 12 line of software products will support Apple? Intel? Macintosh? computers. Existing VectorWorks 12 users will receive this new support without additional upgrade fees. Can I reliably take this to mean that Nemetscheck will provide a download or similar is to be available, free of charge, to all existing VW12 licences that migrate to Intel Macs? From the date of normal expected compatability? Thanks Mike
  11. I would really like to see the following. 1 - Rotate workgroup references. 2 - Stop insulation from mirroring when streached. 3 - Single file, mulitple window views. So I can draw on one part of the file and see another part - good for drawing elevations / 3D etc. 4 - Global templates located on a network drive 5 - Global symbols accessible in each new file created. Preferably stored on a network.
  12. Thanks Katie Typically I found that option about 20 seconds after posting the question. Maybe you could let me know why I would need that setting turned on? I cant seem to figure out the point of it! Thanks Mike
  13. Hello, I have just upgraded a V11 drawing into V12. The V11 drawing used pattern fills pretty heavilly but now when I try to print the same files on V12 they have replaced the fine dotted fill with a checkerboard pattern. Does anyone have any idea how to solve the problem. In the workgroup reference files and sheet files the pattern is set to being a fine dot and not a checkerboard. Any help would be very very gratefully received. Thanks Mike
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