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  1. Er, nobody's forcing you to upgrade to Leopard. I find it rather perplexing that you're shocked and disturbed.

    Annoyed, I understand. But with NNA?

    Leopard is on the whole a better operating system than Tiger - it has generally improved the stability and speed of my computer (which I was surprised by!) and why would we not want to upgrade when there is an obvious improvement to the speed of completing simple tasks when going about my work?

    If we as consumers don't voice or opinion to the manufacturer then how would they ever know we want an upgrade to at least make it passably operable? At the end of the day it is their choice to decide if I am a minority voice or not but I wanted to be very clear about my thoughts on the matter.

    As for the software being two years old - we were until recently a small firm and update software much more slowly than larger more established companies so we have not had the software for 2 years. Software is still a big purchase and it would be good to know it has a bit more life yet! (assume we place to upgrade in a piecemeal format). A lot has been said on this issue, but that does not mean it is unimportant to say it again! :)

  2. It does seem like there is a lot of frustration with the issue generally and it would be nice to at least have a timetable to make sure that the 12.5.2 users are actually being considered as important.

    We have a mid sized office and upgrading to vw2008 is a very big commitment that deserves the right timing. Luckily for us we upgraded one machine for testing prior to updating to Leopard, however, as it effects my daily life I am rather frustrated as you can imagine.

  3. Hiya

    I have a copy of Leopard and 12.5.2 and am disturbed by Nemetschek's method of trying to get everyone to update to 2008. The lack of a timeframe for the update of 12.5.2 is shocking especially considering the 2008 was updated prior to the full release being available. I hope you are all working very hard to get us a proper solution to these 'substantial functional problems'.

    I am afraid to say I was also very disappointed with your press release as listed below.

    VectorWorks 12.5.2 Compatibility

    NNA has tested VectorWorks 12.5.2 with the latest seed versions of Leopard available to us, and we have found that it has substantial functional problems. We plan to evaluate these problems after we receive the final release of Leopard and will then determine how we plan to address them. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

    Extremely annoyed.

  4. I did not know that your tech support could try and recover the files. I will remember that when we have the next 4K file error.

    We have this problem at work quite a bit, though less so recently. The files are on the xserve and it seems to be a problem generated when the programme crashes during a save. We usually set up our drawings so that the live drawing information is in one file which is worked on a day to day basis. The 'sheet files' are contained in another file. We use the work group referencing to bring the live info into the 'sheet file'.

    If you get a 0k live file then you can go the sheet file which has all the info referenced. The information tries to refresh from the live file on open but fails - however, all the info can be copied into a new file really easilly! The info might be slightly out of date depending on the last time you opened the sheet file and refreshed the workgroup reference. It won't work if the file has already corrupted . . . . .

    I hope you find this helpful.



  5. Hiya

    We have several copies of Vectorworks in the office and one of them seems to keep forgetting the preferences. I would really like to understand the makeup of the files a bit more and hoepfully resolve this problem.

    The preference it keeps forgetting is 'Smart Cursor Ques'. We keep setting this to on and on restart the preference is off again! Are the preferences a programme wide setting or document based? Has anyone else had this problem. We are just about to upgrade to 12.5.2 but i don't think this was listed as a bug anywhere.

    Anyway, any help would be appreciated.



  6. Hiya

    We are trying to import images of a real tree into Vectorworks using the import function. I thought that we used to just import the image and the white background would go transparent to allow you to see through to the elevation behind. It doesn't seem to anymore (or my memory is faulty!)

    Does anyone know of a way to do this. Using layer transparencies does not work as the white box is still visible even when transparent.



  7. I know I have been trying to evaluate the Architect section of Vectorworks for some time. I found it really annoying that I had to install a separate version of VW12.5 on my machine. I tried just deleting my serial number for a quick trial but it does not allow you to exit the serial number screen after you delete.

    I also discovered that the demo version does not have any method for allowing me to input a serial number. I found that one quite funny as it means even if you were impressed and wanted to buy you still have to install from scratch again. It is not the end of the world but it makes it just a bit more difficult to test before you buy.

  8. Thanks,

    Tried that and it worked okay. I was using a VW 12 workspace because this copy was updated to 12.5 I assume it is one of those weird glitches.

    Ironically a similar problem was found with the door and window tools after the update.

    Thanks for the info



  9. Hiya

    I use the Renderworks with V12.5 and recently the View > Lighting > Set Sun Position file option says the Sun Position Plug in is not found in the plug in folder.

    I checked my hard disk and the file is in the correct place! Does anyone know why this has happened?



  10. Hiya Katie

    I know this is rather a long time since I last posted but the issue seems to have resolved itself. The files were not large. We are talking about 1mb or less. They are located on a network and we run Disk Utility infrequently!

    Usually the corruption happened on opening the file. It is very strange!



  11. I can change all of the records simultaneosly by selecting all the symbols and changing the tags. I could be a pain if I recalculate the table and 1 out of 120 doors is incorrect. I think the way I can get around that problem is by having unique door id's for each symbol.

    Has anyone created a vectorscript for the above problem? I don't know how to write vectorscripts at the moment. Are they difficult?

    Thanks for the suggestions people, muchly appreciated.


  12. Hello all,

    I am trying to auto create a door schedule using symbols and record values in a drawing. I have managed to create a symbol called door type 1 and attach the record values I want in the schedule to the symbol. The problem is when I update the default values in the symbol it does not update symbols already in the drawing.

    Does anyone know of an automatic method for updating the records of symbols already placed in a drawing? Any help would be very much appreciated.



  13. Hiya Katie

    We are running VW on several machine and three have demonstrated the same problem. We are running VW12.0.1 Two machines are running OS X 10.3.9 and one is running 10.4.7 on an intel machine. There are no error messages the program just quits.

    The problem seems to be file related but we have redrawn the file once and that seemed to solve the problem for a day before the problem re-occurs.

    Any ideas?



  14. Hiya

    I have a file in VW12 which keeps crashing on very random actions. I think that it is something to do with a symbol going funny. The reason I think this is because the symbol will not update correctly prior to the crash. Are there any tips I can use to repair the symbol or does anyone know of a reason why this would happen.

    Any help would be gratefully received.



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