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  1. I had problems with this and I had to make a 12.5 drawing and place all the plant symbols in this. and open in 2009 and save as 12.5 plants symbolsand add the drawing in favorites in the resource browser. I have been able to use them here althoughn I have not done much in changing colore etc. You do have to make any changes in tags, etc before using them it seems like. fwiw as a novice You get what you paid. jim
  2. Junglejim

    SP3 Install

    I am having the same problem with Macbook running 10.5.6. Clicking on the probram icon it bounces a couple of times and quits with no message. 2 ghrz intel duo
  3. I am using VW for simple plans. Yesterday, I switched to a irrigation sheet. all my plant symbols disappeared except for the center cross. I have been trying to get them back and did all kinds of things with classes views sheets and nothing so far gets them back. As I look at the the plan now there is a highlighted rectangle in the center and I can drag it around and the plan moves with it. I can not select anything on the plan I tried to cut and paste in a new file and it doesn't work.It thinks i am trying to cut and paste a viewport. I have a back up that contains most of my work but what did I do??? also a few days ago my main file contained only what I had at my first save. the VW backup contained the complete file. what hqppened here
  4. I upgraded to vw landmark 2009 from 12.5. Using vw 12 and 12.5 I was able to do simple landscapes designs by just playing with the program I am having problems doing the same with 2009 version. I am not using viewports just design layers. I start the drawings and can find the same tools and they seem to work much the same. this morning I was working on a plan and I couldn't click on line or arc objects to select. I clicked on something and a line seemed to be chosen but when I resized it a different line resized. If I drew a circle it showed up way offset from where I drew it. Other problems I have run into is at some times I can only draw lines that are longer than 4.5 ' The snap distance makes it impossible to always draw lines where I want them. the snap grid is set at 6" display at 5' but it seems to try to snap at something like 4 or 5' to end points or mid points or ??? some times plant objects loose their symbol and show as a cross. at this point these are my main problems and I realize that there are probably settings I have wrong but looking the documentation over I haven't found where they are. as I mentioned some of these behaviors seem consistent snap grid and others seem to just show up suddenly. Presumably because I did something but what? I upgraded because I am using mac 10.5 and 12.5 has display problems Jim Rogers
  5. I am transfering from 12.5 to 2009 and am having some problems that I suppose if I understood things I might be able to figure out by myself. However I was doing a real simple landscape to try 2009 out and I used some plant symbols. I open and closed it ok several times but eventually 3 of the 4 plant symbols i used displayed as a simple cross. now all the plant symbols display as a cross when used. In my previous post I asked also about importing the 12.5 plant symbols into 2009. The response I got was to load a file with the 12.5 symbols save and reopen in 2009 close and open and then I can load into resource browser. However I haven't been able to see how to import them into the resource browser. I can use a template that shows the symbols but shows them as used in the design which I can work with butis less than ideal. As an aside if I use a plant symbol for one plant and want to use it for a different plant that is a different size when I edit the symbol the old symbols change to the newly edited size etc. This is different than 12.5 Jim
  6. The plant symbol list for vw 2009 is only about 10 symbols. 1) How can I add or move the symbols from 12.5 2) how can I make symbols that stay with new files that I open. Jungle Jim
  7. Using Mac os 10.4.11 on a mac book 2 gz intel core duo with 2 gig ram
  8. several months ago the open recent has quit working. After closing VW and reopening open recent is empty. I am guessing that there is a permission problem and it can't write to a file yes no/ where is it or what can I do It has worked before. I am using landmark 12.5.3but am thinking it is a VW fundamental problem. I did try searching but ???
  9. I am using landmark 12 and just started to try using it on an intel Imac ..When ever I try to use the hardscape tool and set it to path mode the program crashes. I can set up the line and if I ok it as a boundary and it seems ok. If I ok it either when I create it or go back to the object palette it crashes. Is this a known bug? something I am doing wrong. jim
  10. I am just started using v12 and in 11.5 when I used a plant group there was a line between the plants. In v12 there isn't. I would like help getting the line back Jim
  11. I am a new user of landmark vw 11.5 on a mac system x When i am on a network I regularly get notices that someone else is using the license number. This is not possible because it is loaded only on one computer. It is on a laptop and I have used it at home on an airport netgwork with my computer the only one hooked up with the same results. what might be happening. Juungle Jim
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