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  1. I'm really sorry, I know this is a basic question, but I wanted to ask what the best way is to have multiple people working in one project? At the moment we have the entire building in one file using all the standard layers and classes and it all links up to complete 3d model. Up until now, its only been one person on the project and we have most of the set all worked out. We now are adding another person and don't know how to split up the file so both can use it without destroying the organization that is currently there and without destroying our 3d model capabilities. Any success with this? I appreciate any avenues that you can lead me to. Thanks.
  2. I have a mysterious problem... My titleblocks keep disappearing. At one point they reappeared again, and I saved the file as is. I reopened the file later and they were gone again. I think I've reinserted the darn things about 3 times now. At one point..just our company logo disappeared, only to reappear again later. I checked the classes and everything is okay. Our company created a custom titleblock and we have just been copying and pasting into each sheet we need it in. Is this what we are doing wrong?
  3. Thanks Peter, I understand that naturally the lines will not be perfectly vertical...thats the whole idea of a perspective image, but the images I was producing were so distored that it stretched everything completely at an angle and across the whole page. Its wasn't a natural perspective at all. I'm going to try some of your suggestions and see if I make any progress. The gallery images you linked were exactly what I want to achieve...but I feel like I need a magic hat to produce them. I appreciate your help. I'll keep trying. Linda
  4. Thanks Peter, that is my exact issue. Nothing is vertical. I was trying to get a shot of an interior courtyard looking up at 3 stories of facade but I guess that isn't going to happen. Thanks again.
  5. My company just dished out tons of money for version 11.5 not even 6 months ago and now this new version fixes all the things we are pulling our hair out about but will cost us another $620 bucks...I don't think that is an option right now. Any advice using the version I have?
  6. I'm having a hard time getting any 3d view of my interior spaces. I use the "set 3d view" command but the perspective is waaay off. Its completely distorted. I've tried all the perspective setting : narrow, normal, wide. Its fustrating to me that there isn't a regular camera feature like most 3d programs. Its very difficult to get the shot you want. Is there anyone who has had better luck with this?
  7. Im having trouble with my doors/windows showing up correctly in my RCP. I went through the Training CDs to find out how to produce RCP drawings within the same file and it mentioned making sure the classes are set correctly in the window/door plug-ins. I checked the box that says "wall lines" and assigned a class (Class Style - 4 - which by the way is annoying that I can't actually rename this class. Its hard to remember with class style i have assigned to different components) I was able to turn off that class while in plan so the walls aren't visible but then when I switch to the RCP the doors and swings are still there. If I turn off the "door-main" class which is the class they are assigned - the entire door - including the wall lines (which are on class style-4)disappear. Do I have to assign each componant (door, swing etc) each to their own seperate "class style #"? Is there an easier way to do this so I don't have to fiddle with so many classes each time I insert a door? I read something about the plug-in editor but didn't have any success. It said it was 'locked'. I am fine with customizing some doors, but don't know how to go about that. help...
  8. Oh, sorry about that. I am on Windows running VW 11.5.1 and trying to plot on an HP DesignJet1055. I did use the page setup for the printer, but I guess the solution is to drag the box as you mentioned. I was unaware that you could do that. It thought that box was static. Thank you so much.
  9. Whenever I try to plot it either gets chopped into several sheets, or it prints multiple blank pages along with the plot. My documents settings are set to Arch D - 24x36 and so is my print setup - (Arch D). The plotter (im assuming because of margins) labels a 24x36 plot as 22x34. Vectorworks aligns the page breaks with the upper left corner instead of centering it so it is registering the left over area as new pages. How do i fix this? I was able to get it to work by choosing a custom paper size and manually typing in 24x36 in my plotter setting. I find it hard to believe that I will not be able to use the pre-set ARCH D settings. Is there a way to center the page breaks instead of aligning them to one side?


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