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  1. Jim, thanks for the quick response! However when I there I click the line weight persists, I would like to keep is the line weight off permanently, it is possible?
  2. Hey guys, How do I turn off the weight of the VW line in 2016, I've looked everywhere but could not find! and my problem is not when I give zoom, is always!
  3. I got the same here , when i plot the PDF appear the red line on viewport box , and its not for the update of viewport
  4. Hi, I try to shape something like the blanket on image but never works, someone has a tip? sorry for my bad english
  5. Hy My name is Luiz and i`m need an HELP! I am needing to make a FAQ about the Hasp key (dongle) to place in the site www.cadtec.com.br because many purchasers are having problems with it (problems of drivers instalation, badly connection in the USB port ...) This FAQ already exist? If he doesn?t exist can U help me? Thanks [ 10-02-2005, 08:48 PM: Message edited by: Katie ]
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