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  1. hi, i am using vw11.5 with renderworks, does it possible render on ethernet like 3dmax? coz we have a spare Mac in office and we try to save some time on rendering. thanks
  2. after i creat some viewports from 3d saved view to generate some for my presentation sheet, the viewports keep disappeared after i changed to other saved view or other sheets. what i can do is go to the original 3d saved view firstly(only need to open), and then shift back to the presentation sheet, all viewports will come back again. anyone knows why? and sometimes the viewports do not automatic updated, which means something missed. so, i have to re-creat the viewport again from the same saved view scene. why? thanks
  3. hi, anyone knows sometimes we cannot print out sth which showing on screen? but maybe can print out after copy the same file to another computer. why and how to sought it out? many thanks
  4. hi, anyone knows when i render my scene, it is working on Opengl(but no shadow), but lost some textures on custom renderworks and Final quality renderworks. how can i fix that? thanks
  5. cheers, maybe i have to let my boos know this point, otherwise, he will always think about software can do anything and can change anything at any time so easy...
  6. yes, i believe it works in elevation view and viewport before. after your confirm, i will try it again Monday in office(Coz it is not working last Friday). thanks a lot.
  7. wonderful! thanks but i still have another question: after convert to nurbs, it will lose the original editable attribute(like size). so, maybe the boss wanna change some later, then i have to remade that 3d part again, right?
  8. hi, after i got a 3D model, i try to use it from front_view or side_view for my elevation drawings(coz i really do not wanna to draw everything again in 2D only for add dimension on for my elevations, that is a waste of time!). the normal dimension tool seems not working except top_plan, am i right?
  9. hi, I am try to assign different textures or images as textures on different faces of one extruded object(not like wall which can have some extra mapping method),could i do that? At the moment it seems only can apply one on, I do not know how to use like 3Dmax which I can assign different ID to one object for materials. thanks
  10. brilliant, i will try to do that...
  11. hi,i am try to insert many cars in my site plan, but the terrain is not flat, so i have to rotate some cars followed(not edit the symbol to make all look same angle). but it seems 3d symbol can only be rotated in xy plan. how could i do it? thanks
  12. thanks, do you think if i find other patterns which looks good where they were created in autocad or made by freehand drawings in vectorworks, can i find some ways to make it as my custom pattern? many thanks again
  13. hi everyone, do you know how to creat some patterns of my own for using in the "pen attributes"? coz my boss does not like most of the default styles. and i can use that into any files in vectorworks? thanks


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