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  1. Sean, VW12.0 exports more that 1 sheet layer at a time. You can export the current sheet layer only (as it is in VW11.5), selected sheets or all the sheets. Best Regards, Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek
  2. Jason, I just emailed you the corrected VW12 file - there was a problem with layers view setting, which is probably due to the previous transitions - BP to MC or MC to VW12. All the exported objects are on their right places after the correction. Thanks for the files, Nina
  3. Jason, Would you, please, send the VectorWorks document, which you export to DWG, to me: nivanova@nemetschek.bg Confidentiality is guaranteed. Thank you, Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek
  4. Ramon, There is a strange problem with cropped SVPs, which prevent presenting info in AutoCAD. As a workaround I will suggest you to remove the cropping objects and to export again - your info should be converted correctly. I added a bug report concerning this issue. Thank you for the file, Ramon, and sorry for inconvinience. Best Regards, Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek
  5. Ramon, Thank you for the DWG and for the picture! I was able to open your DWG without problems in AutoCAD 2002 and can confirm that all the doors and windows are at their right positions and have proper rotation. Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek
  6. All the door and window PIOs have to be exported at their proper location and rotation. If you see some PIOs, which are not exporting correctly, please send the .mcd document and your export settings to me: nivanova@nemetschek.bg Thank you, Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek
  7. You have to convert rendered viewports to groups. Then you could export to DWG. Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek
  8. When exporting from a sheet layer Design Layers are not rescaled - as a result 11.5 exported some of the hatches with wrong scale. This problem was fixed in 12.0, but if you are using VW12 and you still see it, then please send the mcd document directly to me. If you are using an earlier version, there is a workaround - at first save your VW doc using different name to avoid undesirable problems in the original drawing, check what is the viewport's scale on the sheet layer which you want to export, then go and edit each Hatch definition - set the hatch scale factor same as the viewport's scale (use Apply to All Levels). After this change document should be exported correctly. HTH Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek nivanova@nemetschek.bg
  9. If you are not using VW12.0: Import files in different VW documents and after that use Workgroup References. If you are using VW12.0 - simply make sure that the "Center After Import" option in DXF/DWG Import Options Dialog is unchecked. HTH Regards, Nina Ivanova
  10. Tom, Thanks for the files - they really cleared the situation. As I understand, you export from VW, import the DXF in Rhino, do something there, export it as DXF and after that import the resultant file in VW. This is very long way hence there are multiple places where things could go wrong. Your original .mcd document uses Feet&Inches and when you export it as a DWG/DXF, your AutoCAD drawing will be in Inches. If you now import back just exported DXF in a blank document with units set to Feet&Inches, you will see in the Import option dialog that Model Space Units in the file are Inches - check that Determine Automatically shows: 1 DXF Unit = 1". Finish import and compare both original document and just imported document - you will see that both docs are identical: - Objects are with same sizes; - Line Style applied to 2 of the objects in the original document is preserved and corresponding imported objects are drawn with proper line style; - There is no missing objects; - Notice the high quality of the imported objects. I opened in AutoCAD the DXF file which you have exported from Rhino and checked for Units - they are set to millimeters - your drawing is already approx. 160mm x 320mm in size (compared to 160" x 320" in the original file). This change could happen on Rhino dxf import, on Rhino dxf export, or inside Rhino. I also noticed these changes: - Line Style is lost; - Quality of the Oval object is lost; - Some objects use Color 255, which is seen inside AutoCAD as White on black background and as Light-gray on white background (instead of Color White). If you now import in VW the Rhino's DXF in a blank document with units set to Feet&Inches in the Import options dialog you will see: Units Setting In File: Millimeters Determine Automatically: 25.4 DXF Units = 1". If you confirm these settings, your 160mm x 320mm drawing will become approx. 6" x 12" which is absolutely correct. VW can help you to receive your drawing in its original size: Knowing that the dxf has been saved by Rhino in millimeters instead of inches in the Import options dialog you could change Units: Determine Automatically to Inches - in this way you will have 1 DXF Unit = 1". Import and see that the size is same as in the original file. Note also that there is no missing objects - there are some objects drawn with White color - VW always import Color 255 to White and exports White to Color 255. You could use Set Colors to Black and White import option to check that all the objects are imported. HTH Best regards, Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek
  11. Could you, please, send both original VW file and the DXF you are trying to import directly to me (nivanova@nemetschek.bg)? Thanks, Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek
  12. >When I exported a drawing sheet with viewports it seemed the design layer also got exported. Is this how it works? Yes. >Is it not possible to export the sheet as it looks on the screen? I didn't really want to export the design layer. You could convert viewports to groups and to export from the sheet layer - as a result all the objects from the sheet layer will be exported to an Acad layout (Paper space) and Acad's Model space will remain empty. Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek BG nivanova@nemetschek.bg
  13. >Is it not possible to export a sheet with viewports? Yes, it is possible; You can export a single VW Sheet with viewports if your current layer before the process of export is a Sheet layer. VW collects and exports all the info necessary to preserve the view in the Sheet layer & viewports. The idea to export from a sheet layer in general is to preserve the look so in some cases additional blocks for 2D and 3D info will be created, cropping of the viewports will be added etc. If your current layer before export is a Design layer then only the design layers will be exported. The result from both types of export is always different and it is up to the user to decide what/from where to export. >and one viewport came in at a different scale This sounds strange to me. If you think it is a bug you could e-mail the .mcd doc directly to me. Nina Ivanova Software Development Nemetschek BG nivanova@nemetschek.bg
  14. You could send the DWG to NNA Tech support. Nina Ivanova Nemetschek BG
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