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  1. Hello: Is there any way to have a group of objects generate coordinates from a specified origin? I'm happy to measure both X and Y distances but in larger projects this gets a bit time consuming. Thanks!
  2. Well my image source is some nylon webbing image I found on Google. It is 1200 ? 801 pixels. I'm guessing the reason why VW has problems making the net a square could be because of the fact its not a square image, but I'm not sure.
  3. Hello: I'm trying to make a net through the texture settings, unfortunately I've found a nice image for the texture but the settings are coming up weird, it works well for a section of the surface and then "merges" into thicker lines. I'm guessing this has something to do with the fact my image file is not a square but I'm not sure. Any advice regarding what kind of image file type and dimensions are best for textures? Thanks!
  4. They are, I have lights and staging on different layers. I've done Viewports but I still don't get any light out of the units. Weird.
  5. Final Quality. I've found some lights on the visualization palette and turned them on, and given them a focus position, but I still see nothing on the surface. Do I have to turn the light and the beam on at once? Thanks guys
  6. OK so I Ctrl-Clicked on a light, and under Edit Light I found On/Off radio buttons as well as options for color, intensity, etc. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be lighting anything at the focus point I have set. I'm confused...
  7. I've posted a topic about this on the Spotlight forum, but I'm assuming the people in the RW camp could help me as well. According to the manual every lighting device should have a Light On option under its Edit parameters that would allow me to render the beam of light from the unit. I can't seem to find this, instead I did find the "Draw Beam" and "Draw Beam as 3D Solid" checkboxes that don't really help me because they actually don't light anything and they create shadows! Am I looking in the wrong place, or missing something?
  8. I don't usually use RenderWorks to do renders, but seeing how I have nothing else available at the moment, I'm trying to. I read up on the manual about rendering lighting instruments, and it says that there should be a "Light On" in the Edit window for the device so I can actually see the beam, right? The problem is, I can't find this anywhere. Is it a radio button, a drop down menu...does it depend on anything else? I can find the gobo layouts, I can focus the light and see the beam as a wireframe, but won't render at all. What am I missing?
  9. Got it...new signature and all I'll look that up. I guess I had a different idea about how to "add" textures into VW. I found online texture packages so I thought one could just add them like I add files to my object library.
  10. So for the sake of me I can't figure out how to get new textures into RenderWorks. I looked in the manual and got nothing about what format they are, how to import new ones...argh. I looked online and there are so many different formats and systems they're kind of mind boggling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I've been looking into Artlantis after reading some posts int he forums, how good is it rendering light sources? I use VW Spotlight as you may have guessed I'm also wondering where to get texture files? I use drapery made out of duvetine and velvet, as well as different floor textures I'd like to have and sadly the ones that come with VW don't do much for me! Thanks!
  12. Ah, it seems I have some objects I can't apply any color or textures to. I select a fill color and it snaps back to None. Any ideas why? As far as I can see its just a simple 3D object...
  13. BTW the viewport thing worked. It still looks funny, like my models have no edges, but at least they're all there.
  14. I'm actually running '08. Going to '09 right now poses a problem because most people I work with barely use '08, so 2 versions ahead would be a nightmare! I'm really perplexed, I'll try the viewport thing, I thought about it before but just didn't get to it. Things should render even without a texture on it right?
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