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  1. quote: Originally posted by Robert Nichols: I tried to edit the Simple Door 2 plugin to correct the code's bad assumption that the penweight of a door should match that of its wall (why would a 1.5" wide object want the same line weight as a 12" wide object???). The vw script editor couldn't open the plugin because the script exceeded 32k. Ok, I opened the script in Word as a text file, and tried to make a change that way. (at the SetLW function, I substitued WallPen for a hard integer value). VW couldn't start up after the edit. Perhaps I mangled the code, but I have done a lot of coding, and feel pretty comfortable doing that sort of thing. Could something else have gone wrong? Did Word overwrite a binary format? Should I have restablished the plugin's creator and type codes after Word have changed them? What do other scriptors out there do with scripts greater than 32k? Is this the correct place to post such a message? Thank you all, in advance. The file that you opened has information about the size and contents of itself in the header (data at the beginning of the plug-in). So when you changed the VS code, you invalidated the information that the header contained. So when VectorWorks tries to compile the plug-in object, it receives bad data and fails to generate valid code. The only way that you will be able to edit this code is if you do it on a Windows machine (NT allows you to edit the largest of the plug-ins). [This message has been edited by Lyndsey Ferguson (edited 10-24-2000).]
  2. quote: Originally posted by Mark: In the Stair dialog there are options for Offset 1, Offset 2 as well as "Separation". Both the Offsets make the landing longer. I can't find anything to make a landing wider without making the stairs wider as well. I can't see what "Separation" does at all. Anyone out there have a clue? Thanks Mark The separation field in the object info palette is used only in double back stair configurations. This value is the space in between each flight of stairs. It will in fact make your landing wider in this case. Lyndsey
  3. quote: Originally posted by Blaster: I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong forum and can chage accordingly if so but I have a question. I work in a company that uses AutoCad98 and MiniCad7. They will probably update in the near future but I am tasked with trying to find an alternative for the short term. They are often sent drawings in higher formats (AutoCad2000 and VectorWorks8). I am looking for viewers. Viewers for AutoCad are easy but cannot find anything for VectorWorks. I realize that you can export in VectorWorks but...is there any type of standalone viewer for VectorWorks? Idealy, is there a viewer for AutoCad and VectorWorks in one? Doesn't have to be fancy, just view and print. If anyone has any suggestions...thank you. Perhaps you could use the demo version of VectorWorks. You can't print or save, but you can view it. Check it out here: http://www.nemetschek.net/downloads/vectorworks/vwdownloadform.html
  4. quote: Originally posted by Darby: How do you change floor heights in VW Architect? I apparently entered the same elevations for 2 floors resulting in superimposed inages on my elevation sheets. Where can you chage the heights or can you get back in VA set-up to change them? Thanks Bob D To change the floor heights you can enter the layers dialog ( Organize->Layers ) and select the incorrect floor ( and slab and ceiling if there is one for the floor) and alter the z and delta z values ). To update the layer links, one method would be simply to unlock the incorrect layer links and move them manually, or you could add an additional Elevation or Perspective sheet from VA Add Sheet and this will reset the layerlinks for you. ------------------ Lyndsey Ferguson lyndsey@nemetschek.net
  5. quote: Originally posted by EmmaKim: On two of our drawings, inserted doors and windows (version 2 - 3D detail) have lost the ability to be edited through the "object info" dialogue box. Doors and windows cannot be moved and can only be deleted. However, it seems as if the doors and windows have not been completely lost as inserted symbols because they can still be flipped. (Vectorworks 8.5.1/ Architect 1.0.1/ Mac OS 8.5) It sounds like you may have created files in 8.5.2 with plug-ins that don't exist in the old version you re-installed. If you used ARCHITECT with 8.5.2, have you re-installed it in 8.5.1? If the door and window names are Complex Window 2 and Simple Window 2 then I would definitely suspect ARCHITECT has not been re-installed with 8.5.1. ------------------ Lyndsey Ferguson lyndsey@nemetschek.net
  6. quote: Originally posted by adrienmer: i want to know if anyone is having the same cross platform problem that i am. i am working with vectorworks on a mac and i have a consultant who is using vectorworks for windows. the stationary file i sent him he was able to open and use without a problem. the issue is his sending files back to me. i know vectorworks should open them up but it is not doing so. to open his files on the mac i need to use maclink as a go between. i have tried opening the files directly from vectorworks without success. any suggestions? When you receive the file from your Windows partner, the Mac creator and type codes are not set correctly. You can either open up the file using the File->Open menu in VectorWorks OR Go to www.download.com and find a program called TypeShuffler. You can use this program to properly set the creator codes and type codes for a document. [This message has been edited by Lyndsey Ferguson (edited 07-06-2000).]
  7. quote: Originally posted by MikeB: Yes but I like the freedom of being able to edit the attributes. It seems there should be a way to duplicate an object in a wall the same way you can duplicate a symbol. If you are using VectorWorks 8.5.x you can create it as a "red" symbol which will change to the original plug-in when you place it in the document. How? With the plug-in selected, choose "Create Symbol". Then click the Options and select the checkbox: Convert to Plug-in Object. Then open the object browser, select the symbol with the name you gave it and clickity click click you have many of the same window. The object browser is a great tool for selecting the symbol you want. [This message has been edited by Lyndsey Ferguson (edited 05-26-2000).]
  8. quote: Originally posted by d.kocieniewski: I'm using Architect and VW-8.5.2 and I discovered that some of the Marvin windows I'd used recently from the Object Library that came w/ Architect are no longer editable. Instead of appearing in the info pallette as a complex window [as it originally had] w/ all the many fields to edit for size,frame, mullions, etc.it appears as a "CUSTOM OBJECT in wall" and all I can edit is the position, height, and flip - in fact none of the other fields even appear. When I try to get another of the same window from the browser it has all of the fields and is editable. What gives? The only thing I can think of is that i had originallly created the document in 8.5.1 then updated it when I received Architect [icluding replacing some earlier windows with the new Marvins] and then later opened it up and modified it in 8.5.2. I had also made some modifications to the Marvins upon use - just adding some mullions. I'd really hate to have to replace all these window objects again. Well there shouldn't be any problem with opening a file created with ARCHITECT 1.0 in ARCHITECT 1.0.1. I found that it did work fine for me. It sounds to me like the window plug-in record somehow got destroyed and the pre-existing Marvin windows that you placed previously no longer point to the window plug-in so they can no longer act like the plug-ins. There may be something we can do if you can get in touch with Tech support and give them a copy of your file for me to examine. www.diehlgraphsoft.com/support/contact.html
  9. For spiral stairs, there is the circular stair contained within the AEC workspace. If you click and hold on the straight stair tool, a menu will popup beside it from which you can grab the circular stair plug-in. This stair can be configured in several different ways. ------------------
  10. quote: Originally posted by msjarch: Hello? I'm trying to insert a simple door from the palette and I get a version 2 in my object info. How can I insert a version 1 door? The easiest way to get the "Simple Door" is to switch into the AEC Workspace. Or if you find that you use the "Simple Door" a lot you should consider editing a copy of the ARCHITECT and adding the AEC's simple door to that Workspace. Lyndsey
  11. I think that you may be refering to VA Setup Assistant contained within the ARCHITECT product? Ihe title block can be edited easily using the Issue Manager under the Notes menu or if you prefer the hands on approach, you can go into the Sheet Layer and edit it directly using the object info palette. The Issue Manager is far easier to use in my opinion.
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