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  1. I've personally found the Training CDs to be extremely helpful. Have you used the new ones for version 12? They are changed significantly from earlier versions in that they do present projects in a tutorial fashion. I couldn't see myself nearly as productive if I hadn't gone through them and done the exercises.
  2. What is difficult to understand? 1) Go to NNA homepage 2) Click "How to Buy" 3) Click "International" 4) Choose "United Kingdom"
  3. Problem is, the Batch Print command doesn't work properly when printing to PDF. We often have projects comprising 30-40 sheets in a single document. Our printer has VW and prints each sheet layer that we instruct. Rather them than us....
  4. Would the print center be willing to download the free VectorWorks Viewer application? They can print from that as easily as you can. They just need to have the same fonts.


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