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  1. The school of Engineering recently donated an old Hewlett Packard 7580b print plotter. The plotter works but windows will not recognize it. I've manually installed it selecting the HPGL/2 driver. So my question is what language does my plotter use, HPGL or HPGL/2? What's the difference and will Windows XP running VectorWorks 10.1 be able to print files if I'm using an HPGL printer. Thanks for your help, Matt Rohner
  2. Hello, Does anyone have an available copy of the VectorWorks ARCHITECT Learning Series (for Vector Works 10.1)? Or does anyone know of a catalog or software retailer that sells this product? Thank you, Matthew Rohner
  3. Hello, I'm using Vector Works 10.1 and trying to find a print center in the Philadelphia area. Noone seems to print .mcd files they need a .pdf or an image file to print. So I've been exporting my .mcd files to a jpeg or a .tiff and making my pdf from there and sending it out to get printed. Is that the only way to print Vector Works files? Is there a better way to conver to pdf? (My quality is not that great, lines are more granulated, and fonts are illegible.) Thanks so much for your help. Matthew Rohner


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